25.10.13 by Jeff

Wakeskating the Famous Rice Terraces of the Philippines (The Eighth Wonder of The World)

Wakeskating the Eighth Wonder of the World featuring Brian Grubb

Pro wakeskaters Brian Grubb and Dominik Preisner get a once in a lifetime opportunity to session the famous rice terraces of Banaue, in the Philippines. This is pretty incredible.

Before there’s a flood of comments, Red Bull states that none of the plants or wildlife were harmed during the project, everything was done with agreements from the locals.

I’ve wakeskated before and it is insanely difficult to even ollie the board, let alone hit a rail between rice fields.

Watch the video below!

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • vishal marapon

    I’ve been there before and its extremely hard what the locals do for a living. Most of them has never even seen 1000 pesos that he was holding, its kinda shitty that he’s spraying people with water while they work their butt off. Though they did have permission, money and being white could have been a factor. Its still a very pristine place on earth and hard to get to and these guys just whatever they want.

    • vishal marapon

      * these guys just DO whatever they want

    • Toddsnap

      Yeah, I am not for this.
      More companies will come, more exploitation,
      And more demolition of this said “pristine” environment.

      • Alex

        ditto – Not up for this. Shame on you redbull

    • Heidern

      Thanks! I was thinking the same. People should respect nature and local natives. It’s a matter of ethics.

    • sorry, i dont really see anything disrespectful about this.

      a few of my thoughts:

      this is no different than those videos of that guy going around and dancing in all these beautiful locations around the world. they wanted to find a beautiful location for a film shoot and got permission to do it.

      i watched the clip multiple times and didn’t actually see anyone get sprayed with water, i saw water fall near people.

      yes north americans have way more money than most people in third world countries, but this is a fact regardless.

      to me this is no different than when danny way jumped the great wall of china on a skateboard.

      the rice terraces are already a tourist attraction.

      • alittleoffended

        Why “stage” something like that? It makes it look even more elitist than it is.

  • Guest

    why wasnt my comment posted? is this site censoring opinions it doesnt agree with?

  • as you can see below, you can post whatever opinion you have. cheers

    • Guest

      I didn’t think that was really the case, but I wasn’t sure why my comment hadn’t been posted. Maybe I typed it and just forgot to push the post button :)

  • Mudhooks

    Why do First World humans think that this is the sort of thing that validates their existence? Sad, shallow humans using the product centuries of labour of others as a foil for their boredom.

  • Faruk Diksu

    So, for example; we can even dump our shit to a rice farm if we have permission/money to do it. Nice. What a tragic waste of respect.

  • Carlos Marco

    I think is deeply unsettling to watch the confrontation of two worlds in such a raw way. On one hand these laborious people calmly doing great sacrifice to get a living. On the other, occidental rich kids looking for extreme experiences in amazing environments at the other side of the world, just to make a video of it so that the rest of occidental rich kids can flip out with it (and the brand that sponsors it all). If it’s tuesday, then this is Philippines.

  • Stephanie

    Enjoyment of history and natural beauty comes in a lot of different forms. I don’t see anything disrespectful about promoting an amazing culture, landscape and activity in a modern way.

  • Louis

    Whyyyyy is there no way on earth to find out what the song starting at 1:05 is? finders fee for anyone who can, I have even messaged redbull. Not even kidding about the finders fee.

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