31.03.14 by Jeff

Satisfying Video of the Day: Street Typography


Tom Williams, a designer in London, happened to catch a couple city workers painting text onto a road and the footage is so satisfying to watch. I have so many questions! This dude with the roller is a master, are all city road painters this skilled? I always assumed stencils were involved? If anyone out there has more insight into this I would love to hear from you.

Watch below.


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Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • willvilljill

    So great! I agree — shocked that there’s no stencil, but it does look as though there might be guidelines (perhaps the remnants of old paint?) on the road before he starts painting. More surprising to me, however, is the order of the words: whereas “STOP AHEAD” warnings are infamously written in the order of approach, or bottom-up, “BUS STOP” is written top-down.

    • Jordan Kulhawik

      Maybe they’re giving the bus driver instructions.

  • Steven

    finally found a profession worth getting! this video is so great.

  • Marisol Cabrera

    I’m honestly just.. shocked. My whole world has been changed.

  • that is amazing!! Totally mesmerising !

  • cck1

    Incredible! I remember watching a city worker carefully carve a slope into a freshly cemented sidewalk- that too was very satisfying to watch.

  • Simon Tickner

    It’s not a roller, it’s not paint, it’s thermoplastic resin that’s heated to about 230 degrees c and then screeded out onto the road through a fixed width grating that can control the flow. The pattern is marked on the road ahead of time with a yellow crayon (made from the same pigment mixed with wax).

  • TGambrill

    amazing skills, but must be a UK thing (and a rare instance at that) – they definitely use stencils in CAN.

  • crezo

    pretty damn skill full, also line painters in the UK get payed 60k a year! You would expect them to be pretty damn skilful for that much.

    Think I might apply ;)

  • Darragh Coyle

    Never, will I drive over a road paint again, without thinking of this.

  • Oh, that was so cool. However they’re doing it exactly, it’s awesome.

  • Charles Keen

    Art fags be patronising…

  • pagarama

    Skillz! Mark me impressed!

  • That is very impressive!

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