08.08.14 by Jeff

Booooooom Giveaway: Sony High-Resolution Bluetooth Headphones


This week’s giveaway is courtesy of Sony! They sent me out a pair of their latest Bluetooth headphones and there’s nothing basic about these. The headphones are high-resolution compatible meaning they can handle audio files higher quality than mp3 (FLAAC etc), and are wireless (Bluetooth and NFC syncing).

I have two pairs to give away (one for Canada, one for outside of Canada). So if you’d like to snag a pair of these leave a comment below and tell me: What’s the first song/album you’re going to listen to with these headphones? Also, make sure you tell me what city you live in! We’ll pick two winners in two weeks.





Read more about SONY’s High-Resolution Headphones.


Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • David WallB
  • pinciroduga

    Hey! I’m from Italy, with those headphones I’d definitely listen to Through the Windowpane by Guillemots

  • cyborg

    “shadow” by bleachers. 80s rock anthems forever. -killingly, CT

  • susanmulder

    Honey/Moby-some of my fav studio working music :)

    • susanmulder

      Holland, MI

  • Ralph Spegel

    I’ll listen the Tron Legacy soundtrack by Daft Punk. A lot of bass! I’m from London, UK.

  • Marija

    I’d listen to “Duncan” by Paul Simon. Probably over and over again.

  • Rich Savage

    “George McRae – Rock your baby” It’s the Friday song that signals the weekend at work!

  • DAAS

    Potholderz(ft. Count Bass D) – MF DOOM

  • Amber

    Chronic 2001


    Hazey – Glass Animals : London, UK!!


    my old vynil : Piero Umiliani “The Man and The City” OST record
    I’m from France / Lille

  • Michiel

    Laurel Halo – Chance of rain

  • Emil Fabio Steinhov

    Mr Little Jeans – ” The Suburbs” … Oslo, Norway

  • Lance Lobo

    TOTAL BABES – Booooooom Summer Mix sarasota florida

  • Toby

    It’d have to be Menahan Street Band’s ‘The Crossing’, though probably starting with a track off it – ‘Everyday a Dream’ (such a sunny track)

  • Katrine

    The first album I remember I’ve listened to and danced to of course) in full length was “Spice Up Your Life” – Yes, You guessed the band, the one and only Spice Girls. I think my parents got the correct answer, though, but I remember myself trying to read the disc cover – Here is where I got my English-nonsense-syndrom, which still appears from time to time, also when I’m not aware of it. Gotta love that. Please, spice up my life by giving me these nice pair of headphones!

  • Guest

    Raw Power.

  • XmaduX

    Futtermans Rule from the Beastie Boys, it’s the definitive bass check!

    I’m from Aberdeen – UK

  • Jody Porter


  • Jacques

    Meridian Brothers – El Gran Pájaro de los Andes
    (to celebrate the victory)
    I’m living in Rennes, France.

  • Gerrrsh

    Booooooom Party MIX #1!!!!!, DC

  • Arminas N

    Mariah – 心臓の扉 (Shinzo No Tobira)

    • Arminas N


  • Eveline Vaessen

    Freedom by Anthony Hamilton and Elayna Boynton will be the first one to listen to. Living in Groningen, the Netherlands

  • Michiel Velthausz

    Ta-Ku – Do What You Love – ‘s-Heerenberg Netherlands!

  • Cristina

    I’d go for Roy Ayers-Can you dig it. Linz, Austria

  • TheDZA

    The books Food For Thought. I am in Petaluma California

  • Ben Bouwman

    Radiohead- Reckoner
    Hamilton, Canada

  • Bálint Magyar

    Mike Dehnert – Klartext
    Budapest, Hungary

  • Control (verse) – Kendrick Lamar. Vancouver, BC.

  • MG

    I would listen to Gregory Porter – Liquid Spirit.
    I’m from Münster in Germany btw! :)

  • Guest

    The first album I’d listen to would have to be Happy End’s Kazemachi Roman, too good!

    San Jose, California

    • Tyler

      Forgot to log in, Sorry.

  • Anna

    Convenient Parking – Modest Mouse. I’m in Poplarville, Mississippi (unfortunately).

  • samuel

    Xiu Xiu’s Nina would be my first listen for sure. From Australia.

  • Kaptan Zelazo

    Ganimian&His Orientals- Come With Me to the Casbah


  • I’d be listening to your Truly Madly Deeply mix here in Cork, Ireland.

    Srsly tho.

  • I_usta_b_a_leader

    Led zeppelin – communication breakdown.
    Murfreesboro, TN

  • Mariano Santoro

    Trainwreck 1979, Death From Above 1979 – i’m from belo horizonte, brazil

  • Boards of Canada – Geogaddi. I’m in London UK

  • RA

    I’d listen to the debut album by Lamb (Lamb), here in Toronto, ON, Canada

  • Marc

    Hi-res copy of Michael Jackson’s Thriller. NYC

  • 0981

    Bad moon rising, Sonic youth

    Paris, France

  • electronicole

    Sly & The Family Stone – If You Want Me To Stay
    Sheffield, UK

  • Adam Rabb

    Bon Iver-Flume …. If it’s jeff Picking the winner, I’d have to go with Alphabet Aerobics – Blackalicious. Won’t ever forget that first time listening. Cheers! (quick middle finger) ;)

  • geemcwee

    Technically not a song but I’d have to listen to the 3 best sounds known to man ; the THX Intro sound, The Lucasfilm intro sound and then a few stormtrooper laser noises and millenium falcon misfire sounds to boot….. Living in Nurnberg, Germany by way of Edinburgh, Scotland.

  • notbenh

    100 best from blue note: Portland OR

  • Matthew Homer

    Ms. Fat Booty off of Amerigo Gazaway’s Mos Def/Marvin Gaye mashup album. The definitive sonic pick-me-up.
    (Southwest Harbor, ME)

  • LP

    I’d listen to “Wherever I lay my phone is my home” by Super Furry Animals. I’m in Brooklyn, NY.

  • ste227

    From Here We Go Sublime – The Field
    I live in Lugano, Switzerland

  • Katherine Murray-Clark

    I’d listen to Kwabs’ new EP in London, England

  • Wesley Budding

    Sohn – Tremors, Greetz from Haarlem (Nehterlands (not Harlem NY ;) ))

  • Jonathan Baker

    Dear Catastrophe Waitress, Belle & Sebastian. Fishers, IN – USA

  • Joe Tonelli

    Screw Your Wig On Tight by Slave (NYC)

  • Tiffany Grace Griffin

    The Wire/Kicked Down the Road by James Wallace & the Naked Light. I live in Fairfield, Iowa

  • Jen Glass

    Hi there, I’d listen to The Naked and Famous – Passive Me Aggressive You – Vancouver, BC.

  • Alice Guan

    Kill it kid – ill be the first

    from Norway, Bergen

  • Tullulah

    The Strokes, This is It

    From London, UK

  • Hello! I work in a kitchen and the radio is always dominated by the senior cooks; either light oldies or a Top 20 Hits sort of deal. If I won, I’d slip those bad boys on, dial up Mac DeMarco’s “Cooking Up Something Good” and cook up something good! Thanks for the blog and the contest!
    Jack from a crab shack in Baltimore, MD

  • donny

    Atoms for Peace, Amok. Specifically, Before Your Very Eyes.


  • Leah Will

    Little Dragon – Ritual Union

    Darmstadt, Germany

  • David Curtis

    D’Angelo’s Voodoo. Still can’t put it down.

  • Derek Ma

    Max Richter, The Blue Notebooks.


  • Julian Osorio

    I’d listen to Glass Animal’s new EP called ZABA. I’m from Cali, Colombia.

  • michaelwithpaws

    Honestly I would probably listen to something recently recorded by one of my friends. After (idealistically), I would invite them to listen to their own album in a way they probably wouldn’t have been able to otherwise afford.

  • Erykah

    Saintseneca ~ Dark Arc

    New Jersey , USA

  • cecilia majzoub

    I’d probably choose the album Congratulations by MGMT. Every single time I listen to that album I hear something that I haven’t noticed before, and trust me, I know that album pretty damn well by now. It always surprises me and it would be nice to not listen out of crappy apple earbuds for once…
    cecilia majzoub, New York, NY

  • Emma

    I would listen to Mogwai – Come on Die Young. Simply because it is just a brilliant album!

  • Maxx P. Hillery

    Holy Other – Held

    Chicago, IL!

  • Brian Frank

    Lost in the Light/Barchords by Bahamas


  • adamjk



    Brooklyn, NY

  • renan javier

    What better way to test these headphones than Hans Zimmer’s “Dream is Collapsing”?

  • Anne

    Neil Young – Harvest I am in Vancouver

  • stevecinq

    If I won a pair of these fabulous headphones, the first album I would listen to would be BARTON HOLLOW by THE CIVIL WARS.

    Unbelievable album and a shame that they are breaking up for good.

    Clarksville, Tennessee USA

  • ana

    “yossi, hezki and yona,” album of yossi bonai. Israeli popular nestolgia….that’s what I’m listening to right now. i don’ think it will garner me many ‘cool’ points. I work in a music archive and I would use them here, instead of my little ear buds. It’s not what everyone else listens to, certainly.

    I live in Philadelphia.

  • jan castillo

    Le Banquet (feat. Kentaro and Netik and Rafik and Tigerstyle and Vajra) –

    Winnipeg, Manitoba!

  • Simon Basler

    im going to listen to UNKLE’s War Stories album from start to finish! from Düsseldorf, Germany

  • Reza Molavi

    I will listen to Vivaldi’s Summer from the Four Seasons by Nigel Kennedy.
    This was the first love and my most favorite piece of music ever when I was 10 and Kennedy plays it the best.
    I live in the Sacramento, California area.


    I would listen to Sophie – Bipp. Cambridge, MA

  • quinnballard

    Without a doubt, I’d be playing Michael Jackson’s XSCAPE. It’s deserves to be heard though some great headphones.

    Nashville, TN USA

  • Dead Can Dance – Ocean

    Lodz, Poland

  • Andrew Dobson

    hey booooooom!

    I’m living in Toronto. I need some new headphones, these look pretty swank. If I were to win them, the first album I would listen to start to finish would be DO MAKE SAY THINK – Winter Hymn Country Hymn Secret Hymn

  • Sthlmo

    Over & Over by Hot Chip. A good test for any headphones :)

    Stockholm, Sweden

  • Kid

    FKA Twigs’ LP1, that’s obvious! Sony figured out how to bluetooth hi-res audio? Eh?


  • teamkrebstar .

    The song “Flim” by Aphex Twin. Smyrna, Tennessee

  • Guilherme Silva

    Certainly it would be Epiphany by Intervals (or an entire Animals as Leaders album =P). Guarujá/São Paulo – Brazil

  • n___s

    Mayer Hawthorne – How Do You
    Vancouver represent!

  • Bogdan Pol

    I live in Cluj-Napoca , Romania and the first album i’m going to listen to is The last resort by Trentemoller . Have a nice day :D

  • Cincinnati, Ohio


  • I’m going to listen to a recent song I got, Mighty Long Fall by ONE OK ROCK. >_<
    North Lauderdale, Florida

  • Lostboy Finn

    oakland, CA

    The first song i would listen to is “Thank you for you love” -Antony and the Johnsons &&& i would draw for hours with these headphones on. xo!

  • Kevin Lorda

    Probably test out their range, clarity, and overall capability with Scumfrog’s 2010 Opulent Temple set, it’s a goodun if you’re in to that sort of thing.

  • Goodie Mob… Black Ice. From one of the most underrated hip hop albums ever… Still Standing.

  • h kmkr

    To the album ‘Father Creeper’ from Spoek Mathambo, since I only own some not-so-good headphones I haven’t been able to really hear the magical subtle sounds. Also the Kirk Spencer remix of Benin City’s ‘Bus’, that’d be wild.

    Soest, Germany

  • Manro Bnz

    Hi Jeff,
    I’d surely listen to AM the latest album of the Arctic Monkeys ! I live in Tarnos, in the south west of France. You got some fans down there, in case you don’t know !

  • Jacob Willson

    Riverside ca, I would listen to SBTRKT – trials of the past

  • Daniel Eynon

    Agnes Obel- Aventine. From the rural valleys of South Wales. :) Thanks

  • Jeremy

    Gooey by Glass Animals

    – Reston, VA

  • Jesus Lopez Jr

    Cartoons & Cereal – Kendrick Lamar

    Dallas, Texas

  • juliebella

    Brighton, United Kingdom

    I will wait for it to become dark, put on Daniel Avery’s Drone Logic and go for a long run!

  • Atlanta, GA

    Nancy Wilson & Cannonball Adderley – Save Your Love for Me

  • Sebastian Granados

    Houston, TX
    Thai Break – flowers in the rain (Maxi mix)

  • Newmarket, Ontario
    Just recently listened to James Blake for the first time. Had no idea what I was missing. I’d probably just load a couple albums on repeat and draw for days.

  • Ian G

    Oh, definitely has to be Tomboy by Panda Bear. It is one of my favorite albums, but more importantly it is a sonic masterpiece. His layering of sound is extraordinary and the songwriting is timeless. The instrumental to the song Alsatian Darn, for example is infused with granulating voices harmonizing behind the guitars and percussion. When the vocals are playing these jarringly monstrous voices sound more like reverb, but the slightest nuances of a voice is hovering in the far back. It is an album that is timeless, and touches the high watermark of fidelity. I’m from CA, USA.

  • Cleveland, TN
    FKA twigs—LP1

  • Herry Peppitt

    I’d probably have to go way back and do Album: Dark Side of the Moon – Pink Floyd because it just sounds soooo good on quality speakers.

    I like in Sydney Australia.

  • Tom H.

    Laurie Anderson
    Big Science – O Superman
    Kalamazoo, Michigan

  • Blanali Bacm

    Definitely it will be Aphrodite’s Child – 666… long time without listening to it, and it will be perfect to re listen a recording master piece


    Barcelona / Spain

  • k w

    PHL, PA : Ray Barbee Meets the Mattson 2

  • Gillian Ricci

    Mr. Jones- Counting Crows

    At the ripe age o’ thirteen, a dedicated reader of Tiger Beat in my Girl Scout troop passed me their address. I sent them an invitation to my Bat Mitzvah, and while they never showed, several months later I received a hand-written letter from David Bryson, politely declining my invite and telling me to stay strong.

  • Gillian Ricci

    I live in South Norwalk, CT, USA :)

  • eduardo flores

    Bodies of Water – My hip won’t let me.
    Austin, Tx

    • morganfletcher

      Wow, thanks, that’s a good album.

  • Ryan Brown

    The Brian Jonestown Massacre – Anemone
    Rochester, NY

  • Valeria

    RaraRiot : Boy

  • Keith Jarrett – The Köln Concert
    Chicago, IL

  • Nadeem H

    I would love a pair! I’d listen to: Tame Impala Feels Like We Only Go Backwards. I’m in LA.

  • Sean Neppl

    Vessel – Red Sex
    MInneapolis, MN

  • Shane Knecht

    Default Genders – Magical Pessimism
    Tacoma, WA

  • Jull Weber

    To “This is All Yours” by Alt-J
    and let that music take me somewhere else. :)

  • Geert Marijnissen

    Amenra – Mass IIII or Darkside – Psychic

  • Daniel Kalil

    Baden Powell – The Shadow of Your Smile.
    São Paulo, Brazil.

  • Daniesh

    Tomboy – Panda Bear OR Ambient 2: The Plateaux of Mirrors – Budd/Eno

    Vancouver, BC

  • Mikołaj Hałabuda

    Always when I buy or get new headphones i listen first song i ever heard in my friends mp3 player, Portishead – Sour Times.
    Wrocław, POLAND

  • abyssmo

    Panda Bear – Person Pitch
    I always wanted to know how this sounds with proper headphones, since the texture and all the little sounds are just amazing, thank you!.
    Lima, Perú.

  • Chris Brintnall

    Approaching Pavonis Mons – The Flaming Lips!

  • Zen Render

    Shigeto’s album Full Circle, which practically begs for headphones as good as these. Bluetooth would mean good sound without running the risk of dog-collar-GACK-ing myself if I dance away from my player. – Vancouver, BC

  • Amy Winehouse – Frank

    Los Angeles, CA

  • Chi Saka

    Ratatat WIldcat!

    Vancouver, BC

  • atbk

    Beck- Song Reader
    Madison, WI

  • Matthew Dear: Beams ( Expanded Edition)
    London, UK
    Incredibly rich deep sounds awesome vocals and multi layered percussion!

    • All the choices be.low are great , Us Booooooomites have such good taste :)

  • John Refano

    My Bloody Valentine – Loveless
    Brooklyn, NY

  • Natalie

    A Great Big World – Say Something – Vancouver BC

  • Aaron Baltierra

    The Antlers – Familiars
    Denton, Tx

  • Yulia

    Tipper – Bubble control
    Munich, Germany

  • Teo Wollrabe

    Jan Jelinek, Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records.

    Portland, OR
    (Radiohead’s kid a takes a close second along with bioshpere, boards of canada and a hand full of the most abrasive free jazz there is)
    (then its back to producing origional compositions)

  • allive

    Teebs album Ardour

    It’s so creative. Even If I don’t get the headphones :(
    give he album a chance :D

  • Jessica Crandall

    I will be listening to The National Parks!
    Salt Lake City, UT

  • Renan Quevedo

    WOODKID – The Golden Age

    Sao Paulo, SP – Brazil

  • Kale Tunnessen

    White Lung – Sorry

    Chicago, IL

  • e5yvx

    Superheros – The Script
    New York, NY

  • Joe Cocklin

    DJ Shadow – Entroducing. On a long train home at night in LONDON!

  • willac5

    Royksopp & Robyn – Monument
    Fremont, CA

  • Since I saw them this week I can’t get enough. Arcade Fire- Reflektor
    San Diego, CA

  • jack carder

    Kayo Dot – Choirs of the Eye !

    Chicago, IL

  • Shannon

    Interpol – El Pintor.
    Los Angeles, CA

  • Christopher

    DJ Rashad – Double Cup
    Chicago, IL

  • Moto Louda

    Motorcycle, I Love You — Moon Duo

    San FUNcisco!

  • Fernando Suárez

    Sinatra: Best Of The Best (All of it!!!)

    Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

  • Sharon Howard

    I would Listen to Happy just love that song and I need a good pair of headphones I just have some earbuds and they are full of static. I live in Durham, NC. USA. Thank You for the chance.

  • Danny E.

    Shigeto – No Better Time Than Now

    Phoenix, AZ

  • Brooke Archibald

    nothing was the same – drake
    yep. brisbane, australia

  • andrew pancubit

    Hall & Oates – I Can’t Go For That

    Abbotsford BC

  • Kevin Nguyen

    Survivor – Eye of the Tiger

    Los Angeles, CA

  • Ryan Jansen

    I would listen to Spirit They’re Gone, Spirit They’ve Vanished by Avey Tare and Panda Bear

    Madison, Wisconsin

  • Oli Tyne

    The Acid — Liminal.
    London, UK

  • Laurel Randolph

    Foxygen – How Can you Really

    Los Angeles!

  • Lauren Smith

    Safe In The Steep Cliffs

    Raleigh, North Carolina

  • taryn

    I’d listen to Cake! Comfort Eagle. It was my first album, as a young teenager. I’m in Austin, TX.

  • shirley liu

    modest mouse – float on
    Vancouver, BC

    thank you!

  • john mejias

    New Day Rising by Husker Du-nyc

  • Art

    Krzysztof Penderecki — Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima. (Klamath Falls, Oregon)

  • Lynne T.

    I would listen to The Lettermen New Directions 2010. Baldwin, NY

  • Anna Conroy

    Probably Grimes – Halfaxa cause I can’t get enough of it at the moment!

  • Art

    Rad! Thanks for posting the link!

    • morganfletcher


  • Jan Klingberg

    Massive Attack – Teardrop

    Longmont, CO

  • Siting LIU

    the seven mile journey _ the journey studies
    Hong Kong

  • Randi Goodies

    Justin Timberlake! I live in Newport MI!

  • António Cavaleiro

    Highway 61 Revisited, Bob Dylan. I think all the stereo should be there.
    From Lisboa, Portugal.

  • Dee Jay

    There is only one album that qualifies – Rory Gallagher’s ” Irish Tour 1974 “.
    Qld. Australia.

    • Milo Carr

      Damn! Well, you called it first. I guess I won’t be… wait a minute,
      how about the new Irish Tour 74 that’s being released in October with
      full set lists for all 3 shows: Belfast, Dublin, and Cork! Got you trumped. Hand over the headphones!

      • Dee Jay

        When you win Milo, just send a copy of the new release to me in Oz, seems only fair . . . D.

      • Milo Carr

        Fair enough! First thing through those headphones: “Hello….Ladies and Gentlemen, Rory Gallagher!”

  • Andrew Walsh

    Where You Go I Go Too by Lindstrom.
    Vancouver, BC

  • L H

    Aventine by Agnes Obel / Burnaby, BC

  • Bix MccLellan

    Dj jazzy Jeff and the fresh prince. Parents just don’t understand
    Minneapolis, mn

  • Jessica Moe

    Retrograde by James Blake.
    Sacramento, California

  • wendy wallach

    Sugar magnolia by the Grateful Dead. I am in Pomona

  • Josh

    Ultraviolence by Lana Del Rey. Manila, PH.

  • Margot Tien

    Jon Hopkins – Immunity album

    San Gabriel, CA

  • AlexanderReynolds

    Kelly Rowland – Talk A Good Game / Baltimore, Maryland.

  • Jon

    Hmmm, I’m in Melbourne. Please don’t hold that against me, I’m sure those headphones would love to come to Australia. I think I’d break them in with Amplifier Worship by Boris

  • Kent Ke

    Steve Gibbon – The Waiting Game
    Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

  • Astrid Harrisson Rew

    I’ll wrap those headphones around my little pregnant tummy and play Adele’s 21 album, starting with Skyfall. London, England.

  • Ducktails – the flower lane

    Phoenix, AZ

  • Tina Nicholson

    OMG, I would be so honored to have the privilege of listening to “White Ladder” by David Gray over and over again. His voice is so perfect yet I can only imagine the quality of the sound, the notes in the music. YES it most certainly would be a lifetime of not self-destructive “escape” yet one to enrich the spirit, outlook on life through the lyrics, tones oh the voice..every time I’ve listened to David’s songs I have always learned something else about human nature-and yes I will be wishing. Thank you for your patience in considering me for this awesome gift. I would cherish it forever.

  • Sha Shank

    derango- tumult album
    mumbai, india.

  • BJ Dierkes

    Tristeza “Liquid Pyramids” off the album “A Calores”…. one of the best tracks of all time.

    You can ship those guys straight down to San Antonio, TX. Thanks. ;)

  • Colin

    Slow Machete- Grey Eyed Bird
    Morgantown, WV

  • Ada

    Godspeed You! Black Emperor – 09-15-00

    Wrocław, Poland

  • thomas

    Common – Be

    Athens, Greece

  • aaron

    Rush is all the world’s a stage by tour of the snowdog

  • Attila F.

    Burial & Four Tet – Moth

    Targu Secuiesc, Romania

  • Laura Stewart

    Anthology of American Folk Music. The whole damn thing.
    I’m in Montreal, QC.

  • Marco Andres Argüello

    St. Vincent – St. Vincent

    Miami, FL

  • Sara de Oliveira

    I would defenitly support the most talented portuguese hip hop female artist: Capicua, with her latest album, Sereia Louca.

    I’m from Barreiro, Portugal.

  • Joseph Bonondona

    I would be listening to INXS LIVE BABY LIVE as my first album!
    Mahwah NJ

  • Max Parr

    Kaputt – Destroyer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Toronto, ON

  • Thom Murtagh

    OK Computer is definitely a must for these bad boiz. Philadelphia

  • Laura Parker

    Hmm. To properly test their quality I would try something from CONVERGE at first ☺

    Oh and right now I am at Warsaw, Poland.

  • Tim Zissou

    Beach House – Bloom

    Lausanne, Switzerland

  • David

    Pink Floyd: Animals

  • I would go for a walk along the beach at sunset, listening to Boards of Canada. Especially the song Satellite Anthem Icarus. Taking advantage of the high resolution headphones to mix the physical sea waves and the music ones together.

    Palma de Malorca, SPAIN

  • Chic – good times (whilst grooving in my skates in slow motion, yeh)
    London UK

  • Calli

    Zebra Katz new album!

  • Mark Fitzpatrick

    Moderat – A New Error

  • Faith Serrano

    I Set My Friends On Fire – You Can’t Spell Slaughter Without Laughter

    Miami, Fl

  • F NOTE – too many zooz
    Lithuania, Vilnius

  • Jon Ham

    Spoon – They Want My Soul (cuz I just bought yesterday!)
    Edmonton, AB

  • Adam Koehler

    Broken Social Scene- KC accidental

    I live in St. Paul, Minnesota USA but Canadian tunes are probably my favorite.

  • Aaron Poor

    Crash – Dave Matthews

    Eugene OR

  • great question, and great giveaway. i would go for the album which totally blew my then 15 year old mind: byrne & eno’s collaboration for talking heads’ FEAR OF MUSIC. i would be listening to it in my Jerusalem studio, much better than anything the local radio has to offer these days.

  • Thomas Elliott Dolby

    Arvo Pärt – Kyrie
    London, UK

  • jonnieh

    I will be listening to the Fully Completely album by The Tragically Hip
    Edmonton, AB

  • I’d blast the hell out of Andrew W.K. – Girls own love. You can’t be sad or angry while listening to Andrew W.K. Perfect pick me up, it’s been that kind of year.

    Live right outside LA. <3 I'm drooling over these headphones. It's been a long time since i owned a pair of headphones.

  • The Good Ones – Kigali Y’ Izahabu
    Aberdeen, Scotland

  • Royksopp – Melody A.M.

  • A. F. Bunny

    Lay Me Down – Cold Specks
    New York City

  • Jim

    Recess by Skrillex! London, Ontario.

  • Jacquie Boileau

    Jai Paul’s leaked self-titled album. Very few people know about it and his story, and the levels are incredible.

    Richmond, VA USA

  • McPoops

    Beck’s Sea Change

  • Love me two times by the Doors.

  • Zita Roger Corcoran

    Charles Mingus – Moanin.

    Dublin, Ireland.

  • Tool’s Lateralus. No question.

    Tamworth, Australia.

  • Jann

    The Velvet Underground & Nico – The Velvet Underground and Nico

    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  • Mady Stentiford

    JJ Cale – Naturally
    Adelaide, AUS

  • GT

    Not to sound like a cop out, but it’s a tie at the moment. Favourite album at the moment would be Amen Dunes – Love, but it would be great to be immersed in Jon Hopkins – Immunity to really put these fancy new headphones to the test.

    GT – London, UK

  • Dinosaur JR – Where You Been

  • Kat

    Anything by BANKS :)
    Chch, New Zealand

  • Jack Irvine

    Said and Done – Nils Frahm

    I listened to this song constantly for weeks on my shitty headphones in studio to get me through my thesis final crit! Would be incredible to hear it on nice headphones!

    Glasgow, Scotland

  • Jason Tarquin Kattenhorn

    Yvonne Fair, Walk out the door if you wanna, (The bitch is black album)

    Oxford UK

  • Gillian Bean Ramsay

    Relationship of Command – At The Drive-In

    Dundee, Scotland

  • Sony is a consistent player in its best picture quality and it sound systems such as headphones, earphones etc. Sony headphones has always been soft for our ears and give a high music experience. Now, with the entry of these High Resolution Bluetooth Headphones it would blast the market with its sound quality. Sony always sell out their products with its quality and performance in terms of its surround sound.
    Well firstly I would like to listen
    Porn Star Dancing song by
    Artists: My Darkest Days, Zakk Wylde
    Album : My Darkest Days.
    Jaipur, India

  • Spencer K

    Thriftworks – Moon Juice
    Salt Lake City, Utah

  • Adina

    Gregor Samsa – First Mile, Last Mile
    Warmsen, Germany

  • Jeremy Cox

    Nicolas Jaar – Space is Only Noise!
    Vancouver, BC

  • Ben Wilson

    John Frusciante – The Empyrean

    Toronto, Ontario

  • if you gonna pick the winners in two weeks and IF i would be one of them and you’d have to ship them aaaalll the way to düsseldorf, germany.. then maybe i’d listen to the new alt-j… or something britney spears.

  • Anna Forster-Smith

    Mac Demarco, 2 – just rediscovered this gem and can’t stop listening

    ALSO The Bones of J.R. Jones – Dark Was The Yearling

    Wassaic, New York

  • The Suburbs by Arcade Fire
    Nantucket, MA, baby!

  • Jacob Cozens

    Johnny Cash – Get Rhythm

    Southampton – England

  • ERB

    The Bodyguard by Whitney Houston

    Berlin, Germany

  • joelz

    65daysofstatic – Radio Protector

    Calgary, AB

  • Thales Banzai

    São Paulo, Brazil

  • jeanette renault-caragianes

    Ege Bamyasi by Can ! I live in Lowell, Massachusetts.

  • KL

    Nirvana Unplugged, then Bowie. I’m feeling nostalgic. Baltimore MD.

  • Taylor doran

    Home At Last – Steely Dan
    Seattle, WA

  • Planet Roll Call – Susumu Hirasawa
    Tokyo, Japan

  • Daniella M

    It’d have to be Shlohmo – Bad Vibes.

    London, UK

  • Thomas Colcord

    Pusha man – Acid Rap

    Indianapolis, IN

  • Faith Serrano

    I Set My Friends On Fire – You Can’t Spell Slaughter Without Laughter

    Miami, FL

  • Armond

    The College Dropout – Kanye West

    Orlando, FL

  • Samuel Barber

    Jon Hopkins – Immunity

    Blue Mountains, Australia

  • Ian

    Fleetwood Mac – Rumors
    Sydney, Australia

  • Taylor Bredberg

    Journeyman, Amon Tobin!

    Los Angeles, CA

  • JLNP7

    The Morning by The Weeknd

    My 21st birthday was this January. I’ve been drinking at least twice a week since then.. I always make sure to get home safe and know my limit. I have a routine for the day that follows; get plenty of rest, approx: 12 hrs, eat and then eat again, look at texts, snapchats and calls that took place, and finally I just listen to this exact song as I drive home after a night of bad decisions with a smile.

    RENO, NV

  • Klara

    Bad Girl by Lee Moses!

    Vienna, Austria :)

  • Sujet Vll

    Bankrobber – The Clash OR Rock n Roll suicide – David Bowie
    Berlin – Germany

  • Reimo

    Lorenzo Calvio – I Am Here (Martin Patino Remix)

    London, UK

  • Tom Waits – Rain Dogs

  • Matheus Vinhal

    I’m definitely gonna hear the album from Philip Glass, Koyaanisqatsi!

    Brasília, Brazil

  • Pofggh

    I would listen to Yo La Tengo’s “And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out”.

    Long Beach, CA

  • Pink Floyd – Meddle

  • becky_scanlan

    Yuck- Glow and Behold.
    Chester, UK

  • Emily

    Beyonce Beyonce – Brooklyn NY

  • Massage Situation by Flying Lotus!

    Dallas, TX

  • jjjustin

    Women – Drag Open from Public Strain

    Dallas, TX

  • Barrie Szekely

    Tubular Bells – Mike Oldfield

    Victoria BC

  • Lauren Slater

    The Kid Who Drowned At Summer Camp by Hot Sugar

    Portland, OR

  • It was the first week of 5th grade. Asked if I could skate to my Dad’s
    office after school. Stopped in at the local record store on the way –
    Sonic Rainbow – where I picked up my first album – their fifth – Hello Nasty. May my clock radio speakers and Nathanial Hörnblowér rest in peace!

    Laramie, Wyoming

  • Bob

    The Cars
    Woodstock, GA

  • Guest


    Amsterdam The Netherlands

    RJD2 – Ghostwriter

  • Jorgos Karidas

    Amsterdam The Netherlands

    RJD2 – Ghostwriter!!

  • Richard O’Bryan Guerrero

    turtle is back- masomenos

    Brooklyn, New York

  • Kid A – Radiohead

    Rochester, New York

  • Specimen Yarp

    Badfinger Baby Blue.
    Terrace BC.

  • Andrew Vandezande

    Another Green World – Brian Eno 1975

    Garden Grove, CA

    • Andrew Vandezande

      thanks for the upvote!

  • Maya Rae Elsner

    Sylvan esso (by sylvan esso)

    Santa Fe, New Mexico

  • bryan.

    Ledges By Noah Gundersen


  • paigeofcontent

    Erykah Badu, Baduizm
    Hudson, NY

  • alice_draws

    Matas & Edo Lee’s Waking Nights

    Toronto, ON

  • cristian oyharcabal

    John Cale – Paris 1919
    Santiago, Chile.

  • Zac Campbell

    In the Aeroplane Over the Sea – Neutral Milk Hotel
    Woodstock, NB

  • Kyle Gibson

    Guardians of the galaxy soundtrack!!
    Winnipeg mb

  • Shamsher Khudurun

    The Dark Side of the Moon

    Mauritius, Montagne Blanche

  • Jojams

    The Walker- Fitz and the Tantrums

    Hayden, Idaho

  • John Murray

    Gold Panda – Lucky Shiner
    Portland, OR

  • Kill J – Bullet

    Aarhus, Denmark

  • pmlantz

    animal collective – centipede hz

  • Simon

    Blue Monday – new order (Paul Dakeyne Mix)

  • Ana Delgado

    I Heard you Looking – Yo la Tengo !!!!!!!

    Madrid, Spain

  • That would be …
    The War On Drugs – Lost In The Dream !!
    Berlin, Germany

  • Chooee Lee

    Bob James,Four. Grand Rapids Michigan

  • efcees

    Nils Frahm – Spaces


  • Hemera Blosson

    Anything from “Into the Woods” by Stephen Sondheim.

  • wendy ely

    new eyes -clean bandit
    newcastle upon tyne, uk

  • Brian Christopher Glaser

    Saintseneca – Dark Arc

    Brighton, MA

  • subtle takeover

    Id probably listen to something off of Son Lux We Are Rising Remixed, but who knows….
    Springfield, MO

  • arra

    Mobb Deep “Shook Ones, Pt. II”

    Brooklyn, NY

  • Andrew Currie

    Vicious Delicious by Infected Mushroom.

    Calgary, Alberta.

  • fiorella gallia

    LCD Soundsystem – “Someone Great”. But, hey, I’ll listen to the whole record and dance to it.
    Minneapolis, MN

  • Stefan Tudor

    Guns and Roses- Paradise City

  • Wes Hoogenboom

    Baroness – Yellow & Green

    Elkhart, IN

  • Flick

    I’d have that Hannah Georgas – Enemies on repeat.

    Los Angeles, CA

    We need a monthly BOOOOOOOM playlist, I’m incapable of finding those kinds of tracks on the internet alone.

  • jeanette renault-caragianes

    Cat Power “the greatest”

  • Leigh Crow

    fela kuti – zombie


  • DE

    You’re Dead! by Flying Lotus

    Los Angeles, CA

  • milleniumjono

    Definitely OK computer-Radiohead

    Thornhill, Ontario

  • eki yihoo

    Frank Zappa – Peaches en Regalia

    Leeds, UK

  • Ta-ku (DAY 11) from the album 50 Days For Dilla.

    Puerto Rico

  • Evan Mark Hopkins

    Spanish Flea by Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass

    Appleton WI

  • alice_neon

    i would listen to “Ribs” by Lorde

    Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, Mexico

  • notbrennan

    The Wild, The Innocent & The E Street Shuffle

    – Edmonton, AB

  • Mathias Michael

    Bon Iver – Bon Iver
    Auckland, NZ

  • Kyah C

    Either Whispers by Passenger or Savages by Theory of a Deadman

    Dawson Creek, BC

  • Nicholas

    David Bowie – Sound & Vision

    Cherry Valley, ON

  • eawesterhuis

    Born Under Punches – Talking Heads
    Vancouver, BC

  • Luke Caswell


  • RLR11

    Anything by Sade

    Victoria BC

  • Greg Sharp

    Under The Skin soundtrack for that sweet low end

    Sydney. Australia


    Metallica…and justice for all!! And don’t forget PS4 gaming so I don’t wake up the family
    Windsor Ontario Canada

  • michaelshapcott

    Arcade Fire – Reflektor :)
    Plainville, CT

  • Andy Woznica

    Millionyoung – Materia EP

    Portland, ME

  • Brett Billman

    Jessica Lea Mayfield – Our Hearts Are Wrong – Tell Me (Album)

    Cleveland, OH

  • Megan Reiley

    Gold- Chet Faker

    Boston, MA

  • Colleen Boudreau

    Beyonce ft. Nicki Minaj Flawless remix
    St Clair Shores, MI

  • Christian

    Endless Fantasy Anamanaguchi!

    Chicago, IL US

  • Will FFox

    I would create an album if I had headphones.

    Saint Charles, MO

  • Steve Bifolchi

    The Beatles “1”
    Toronto, ON

  • Damee Balcha

    Bangarang EP


  • Jim Lipscomb

    Jim Lim Project “Party Time” I’m in Nashville IN, USA

  • Cem Bahadir Mete

    My personal test sound is based on a true story by fat freddy’s drop. Always try that sound when I buy headphones or speakers.

  • James Lingerfelt

    Inusa dawuwu – down down down

    Milpitas CA

  • Dana Perrotti

    Dirty Beaches, Badlands, on vinyl. Queens, NY.

  • Chloe B

    Images and Words-Dream Theater
    Waterloo, ON

  • Marcos Paulo

    La roux – Trouble in paradise
    Jaraguá do Sul, Brazil

  • Krika Watson

    Roberta Flack – First Take
    Vancouver, BC

  • Michael Thompson

    Overture 1928 by Dream Theater
    St. Louis, MO

  • Victor Ovechkin

    It’s hard to name one particular album. I have a vinyl record player and a nice collection of classics. I could’ve choose something from my collection, like the Dark Side of The Moon by Pink Floyd or Starman by David Bowie or Beatles, Rollingstones and etc. But I will not do them.
    It must be something special! I’d definitely pick album by Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Album named F♯A♯∞. The whole album is so atmospheric, you just
    plunge into the harmony sounds of real music.Moscow, Russia.

  • Turangga Sukandar Putra

    I’ll make sure it’s “It Means Everything” by Save Ferris

    Bandung, Indonesia

  • Stephen Cabinum

    Grandma’s Hands by Bill Withers.
    Clover, SC, USA

  • naomi rose

    FKA Twigs 2 weeks! Had it on repeat for a week, still not tired of it.

    London, UK

  • Fred

    Gorillaz – Gorillaz!!!!! Im from BERLIN, GERMANY!!

  • NDR

    Jamiroquai’s Dynamite!

  • Torje Hausvik Olsen

    Serge Gainsbourg – Initials BB

    Oslo, Norway

  • Cipher Amsterdam

    Body and soul by William Onyeabor

    I live in Amsterdam

  • Sophie Groves

    Maggot Brain by Funkadelic (make sure you give it a lsiten – the greatest 8 minute long wail of aunguish to be produced by guitarist Eddie Hazel).
    Bristol, England, UK

  • Naeem Alvi

    I’d run a bath and stick some Michael Bublé on. Something more commonly known as a Bublé bath.

    • Naeem Alvi

      And oh, Oxford, UK.

  • Guillaume Baeriswyl

    Dream Koala – Earth Home Destroyed ep
    Fribourg, Switzerland !!!

  • Nacho Fernández

    I would love to hear the new Alt-j stuff with those.
    Im sure by the time the headphones would arrive to Málaga, Spain, the new album of Alt-j will be out!

  • laa

    Childish Gambino – Sweatpants! London, UK

  • Michael Lilley

    Lunatic Harness (µ-Ziq).
    London, UK.

  • Alison Kreitzberg

    The Holy Ghost Revival – Hot Luv In A Berlin Bomb Shelter
    Oakland, California

  • Wu Tang Clan – 36 Chambers!

    Cape Town, South Africa

  • Ornella Caponi

    Nujabes- Modal Soul. For ever.

    Geneva, Switzerland.

  • katygmorris

    Beastie Boys, Licensed to Ill.

    I’m in San Diego, California.


  • mrleedy

    New Pornographers – Brill Bruisers. Antananarivo, Madagascar

  • Adriaan Hauwaert

    Glass Eights / John Roberts

    Belgium, Antwerp

  • Olivia Steele

    Soft – Washed Out.
    Edinburgh, UK.

  • Freedom Flight by Shuggie Otis!
    London, UK

  • Steph

    Hundred Waters – The Moon Rang Like a Bell
    Toronto, ON!

  • It’s gotta be postal service- give up 10 year anniversary rerelease. Coming from Sydney, Australia.

  • zoe brown

    Wild west end- Dire Straits. Cedar Rapids, Iowa

  • Hugo Henriques

    Boards of Canada – Reach for the Dead
    Lisbon, Portugal

  • Antony and the Johnsons – Hope there’s someone.
    Lisbon, Portugal

  • Kim Stewart

    Random Access Memories by Daft Punk.
    Glasgow, Scotland

  • Chris Parker

    Arthur Russell – Love is Overtaking Me
    Brooklyn, New York

  • linda barhoumi

    Salad Days – Mac Demarco :


  • nallyru

    Metal Machine Music by Lou Reed. Melbourne, Australia!

  • To really feel the sound quality of this headphones, nothing better than “BROTHERS IN ARMS” – Dire Straits!!!

    Porto Alegre – Brazil

  • Lindsay Bailey

    Sabota. Of course. Austin, TX. via Vcr.

  • Charlene

    You and I by Washed Out.

    I live in Singapore!


    not sure yet: this is a very complicated question. Handel the messiah the part where he goes ” he was despised, and rejected of men etc… or Kanye West On Sight. I live in NYC. thank you for being super cool.

  • Thomas

    Booker T and the MG’s – Green Onions

    London, UK

  • Joshua Obliers

    Amen Dunes – Love
    Berlin, Germany.

  • E. Tage Larsen

    Blue Nile, “Peace at Last”
    New York, NY

  • Martine Gagne

    Bon Dylan’s Nashville Skyline

    Ottawa, ON

  • The Stone Roses – I Wanna be Adored
    Los Angeles, CA


  • pardalgabriel

    In Rainbows – Radiohead

    Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL

  • Tyler Orsak

    Eye 2 Eye by Powerline from The Goofy Movie. Not even joking. I’m real as ya momma’s birthday… Conway, Arkansas… boo yeah.

  • LaRonne DeCarmo

    Mayer Hawthorne- Reach Out Richard

    Coral Springs, FL

  • SOHN – Tremors

    Colorado Springs, CO

  • zouassi

    Saving them until kanye’s new song is released

    Lancaster, pa

  • lucindarosejones

    I’d pick something loud and atmospheric and beautiful… The Things We Think We’re Missing by Balance and Composure.

    Leeds, UK

  • Gabi Mascarenhas

    This is probably not a appropriate answer but I’m not listening to anything when a get them. They would directly to my boyfriend. He’s a PS3 fan and be wanting some Sony headphones to play for a really long while.
    And since it was his birthday last week and I didn’t got him anything because we have been short on cash since we moved do Amsterdam, the timing would feet like a glove.
    He would probably go for some Dream Theater as first song. Nothing fancy but it’s what he likes.

  • PanchoC

    Julianna Barwick – One Half. Houston TX

  • Charles Gaudreault

    The incredible Jack White’s song : Lazaretto.

    Quebec city, QC

  • Subnet

    Aphex Twin – Come On You Slags !

    Montpellier, FRA

  • Dave Cameron

    “Giorgio by Moroder” off Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories is my current go-to for testing what truly great headphones can deliver. Love that track… the historical evolution of the sound, the layering of the electric piano that comes in as the bass line begins to pop. But most of all the superb drumming of Manu Katché throughout just kicks ass – solid in the pocket, but with bursts of splash and rumble that make me feel like Rocky Balboa reaching the top of those stairs. Just a triumphant ride all the way to the end. Probably why it’s my favorite track to finish a run at the gym – no matter how I feel when it starts, everything feels better at the end of it.

    – Ithaca, NY, USA


    Duh, Beyoncé (Flawless). And I’m in Los Angeles, California…..still scratching my head over the Scribble pen…

  • Joe

    Blondie – The Best of Blondie – Vinyl (International Version – I gotta have “Denis” on there).

    I know greatest hits albums are kind of cheating but this record is my official “test a new sound system” record. A ton of sonic variety, depth…big sweeping songs and little raw ones, too. People sort of forget about Blondie but they’ve got a crazy bunch of good songs. Close your eyes and it’s like listening to an 80s movie (Union City Blue!).

    Santa Monica, CA

  • FredNarwhal

    Derniére Danse, then hopefully the new Alt-J Album! Charleston, SC.

  • The Sight Below – Glider

    Atlanta, GA

  • JM off of Strand of Oaks’ Heal in Seattle, WA

  • Brendan Baines

    Royal Canoe -Today We’re Believers
    Calgary, Alberta

  • A. Thompson

    First song is gonna be Touched by VAST. Coos Bay, OR

  • Matt Ozawa

    Gotta be Guns N’ Roses – Sweet Child of Mine

    -Brea Ca

  • Chris K29

    Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66 – Mas que nada. Also, still waiting on the next Booooooom Summer Mix! We believe in you, Senor Hamada!

    From San Francisco,CA but currently living in Las Cruces, Chile (Both addresses work)

  • Milo Falck

    Sexual Healing – Hot 8 Brass Band

  • flipflipflap

    Boy/Girl – Aphex Twin. Then Beast of Burden – Rolling Stones.
    Chicago, IL

  • Lauren Crazybull

    Like Hearts Swelling – Polmo Polpo

    Lethbridge, Alberta

  • foxtongue

    Spiritualized – Ladies and Gentleman We Are Floating in Space
    Vancouver, BC

  • Yuki Hamada

    Would Know, by Mount Kimbie

    Brooklyn, NY

    m/ m/

  • The The – Naked Self

    Vancouver BC

  • David K Koppe

    The new Daft Punk album!
    Vancouver, BC

  • Sarah Blum
  • Tffnyy

    Tim Hecker – Radio Amor
    Ambient nostalgia tickling my brain.
    SF, CA

  • spoon – they want my soul. i’m in fayetteville ar!

  • Star DiMeglio

    Turn the Page ~ BobSeger!

  • sue montoya

    Little Dragon Nabuma Rubberband :D

    Miami Fl

  • Kerin Higa

    yo-yo ma – la voix du violoncelle!
    San Diego, CA

  • Sheila Wagner

    made in heights – “APORIA: IN THESE §TREETS”

    wonderfully textured music made by one of seattle’s best producers.

    berkeley, ca

  • E Siu

    Pulp’s “Disco 2000”
    Vancouver, BC

  • Marie-Christine Thomas

    I’ll listen to Ghetto rock feat Chuck Berry! It gives me goosebump!
    You can send the headphones in Montreal!
    Lots of love

  • Philip Muller

    Lavender Country- “Cryin’ These Cocksucking Tears”

    • Philip Muller

      Charleston, SC

  • Adrina Goglanian

    Dark Arc – Saintseneca
    Santa Barbara, CA

  • Sharon Geraldine

    Not sure if this is counted as a song/album,

    Submercer 11/9 – Soul Keita, together with the visual!

  • Jean-Jacques

    A gigantic Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto playlist.

    New Orleans, LA, USA

  • Brian Ahola

    Burn Your Fire For No Witness – Angel Olsen
    Baltimore, MD

  • Suzy Vennard

    I Against I
    Massive Attack & Mos Def

    Spokane, WA!

    • Cee Starr

      That track is so SICK!!!!! Deeeeeeep

  • Cee Starr

    Gold Wood (SF underground band) /// San Francisco, CA bootches!

  • Ross Nadal

    Little Me Will Start A Storm by Loch Lomond is my choice while I write in my 5th graders reading journals in Seattle.

  • Jocelyn Hare

    “Rising Down” by The Roots!

    Chicago, IL

  • Everything Gonna Be Allright – Kenny Wayne Shepherd

  • CoffeBlack

    I’d probably listen to Nostalgia Ultra – Frank Ocean
    Surrey, BC

  • Ana

    Illest Alive or I’m God by Clams Casino
    Los Angeles, CA

  • Olivia Lawler

    FKA twigs’ LP1
    ’cause it sounds amazing with my crappy earbuds, it would probably sound incredible on the sonys.

    from Ashland, OR (US)

  • Sarah

    James Vincent McMorrow – Red Dust, because it has such a rich bass, I cannot really enjoy in on my simple headphones.

    Berlin, Germany

  • Hannibal The Vegan

    Bohemian Rapsody- Queen :)

    Bolzano, Italy

  • Janie Samreth

    Michael Jackson – Love Never Felt So Good!!!

    Screwston, TX

    Because this Cambodian girl can dig it.

  • angela marie

    Seekae – Test & Recognise (Flume Re-work)

    Perth, Western Australia

  • Jimmy Brannen

    The 78 of my great grandmother playing a song she wrote and recorded for church organ. Never been able to hear it clearly!

    Toronto, ON

  • Hound Dog, Big Mama Thornton…..Barcelona, Spain!

  • Mel Picardal

    The Roots – How I Got Over (album)

    Honolulu, HI

  • Brock

    Assuming I would get them around October: Flying Lotus: You’re Dead!

    Appleton, WI

  • ignasi

    interpol – obstacle 1 \ Barcelona

  • Erik Dutcher

    Sleeping Lessons, The Shins

    Decorah, IA

  • David Jacob

    I’m from Berlin, Germany and I would listen to Black Water by Apparat right away with those headphones.

  • wierzpio

    Spitfire by The Prodigy.
    Toronto, ON

  • izelana

    Primetime — Janelle Monae! I’ve been loving it since the album came out. St Paul, Minnesota

  • Anna Liesén

    Moderat – Moderat
    Uddevalla, Sweden

  • Heather Owens

    I’m an artist living in Akita, Japan. These would be perfect in the studio. I’d key up ‘1,000 Airplanes on the Roof’ from Phillip Glass and paint more creepy things for my new show.

  • Libby

    Deva Premal and the Gyuto Monks of Tibet!
    Vancouver, BC

  • José Molina Reyes

    Melana Chasmata – Triptykon.

    I live in Quito, Ecuador (South America)

  • Eyal Greengrass

    godspeed you black emperor – life your skinny fists like antennas to the sky

    Kfar vitkin, Israel

  • tstranger

    DONT//BE// 正方形 – 43°

    Vancouver, BC

  • mariam

    I will listen to Lauryn Hill first!!

    From Montreal, CA

  • Anny Way

    The Black Keys – Tighten Up
    Dresden, Germany

  • Glenn Booker

    I would give them them to my son who makes his own music, and I know he would listen to Porter Robinson’s new album ‘Worlds’.
    Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

  • Jeol Fang

    Husky Rescue – Ghost is not real

  • Jeol Fang

    Husky Rescue – Ghost is not real
    Vantaa, Finland

  • Dang, that’s a tough one. Gotta go with “Scribbled Paper” by Little Dragon. It’s such a masterpiece to the ears. Livin’ in Donna, Texas.

  • The album Redline by Lazerhawk. Very rad. Savannah, Georgia.

  • Kevin Klopsmöhre

    NOISIA – Split the Atom

    Aachen, Germany

  • Quiteallright

    Chris Watson – Mexico D.F.
    New York, NY

  • ssierrasann

    Tycho- Drive would sound absolutely wicked on these!
    Or maybe some Joyce Manor
    San Pedro, California

  • Francisco Miranda

    Pearl Jam – Black

    So simple.

    I’m from Portugal ;)

  • Stanzie Tooth

    “Bright Moments” by Rolland Kirk!!
    Ottawa ON

  • Martha Metzler-Ghofranian

    I’m going to listen to Hamell On Trial’s “Happiest Man In The World”

    Livermore, CA

  • CenBlem

    All about that new FKA Twigs Lp1.

    Melbourne, AU.

  • Animal Collective – Merriweather Post Pavilion. So good.

    Hong Kong! :)

  • Nigel Canada

    Chamber of Reflection – Mac Demarco

    Detroit, Michigan

  • jonnywalkersf

    WALDO x Sango – ‘NSDE/OUTSDE’

    Brooklyn, NYC

  • MattijsD

    Jaylib – Champion Sound

    Rotterdam, The Netherlands

  • J C

    Nirvana Unplugged,

  • Skeleton by Lakutis. It’s the only song that really does anything for me anymore.
    I’m from Philadelphia.

  • Jessica

    These look amazing. ♥ ♥ ♥ Everybody Dance by Chic. Definitely. Brooklyn, NY

  • Tipper – Broken Soul Jamboree
    Boston, MA

  • Lautaro

    The Album Leaf – In a Safe Place

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Abi Manoharan

    Man on the moon 2 album by Kid Cudi!

    – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  • MTNG

    Some Scot Project.

    London, ON

  • Tatiana A

    Sound The Alarm by Booker T! I live in Austin, Texas.

  • M.Rizal A

    Sungha Jung – Hazy Sunshine

    Banjarbaru, Indonesia.

  • Etienne

    The Notwist -Lineri

    Montreal, Canada

  • FKA twigs EP2 of course! Coming out of London, Ontario, baby.

  • tbirdman

    I have a great album by Blue Stone Group named Worlds Apart that is absolutely awesome. Two of the singers have mesmerizing voices and, at times, it takes the best headphones to understand their words as well as the words of the backup singers. I truly need some high end headphones because I listen to all types of music from Bach to Boston to Kitano to Shania to…you get the idea.
    I live in Long Beach, CA. Thank you for the chance to win the Sony headphones.

  • A Chris

    Jon Hopkins – Immunity
    Perfect album but also a perfect test of quality for good headphones.

  • Natalia Rodriguez

    Eurodans, Todd Terje
    Bremen, Germany

  • Jeol Fang

    Husky Rescue – Ghost is not Real
    Vantaa, Finland

  • Elize Vossgatter

    ‘Fake Plastic Trees’ by Radiohead- because it reminds me that no matter how techy we become, ‘gravity always wins’- Cape Town, South Africa

  • Strength of a Thousand Men from Two Steps from Hell

    Markham, ON

  • Rick Chan

    Down In L.A. by People Under The Stairs

  • why?

    Totally the Black Keys Turn Blue!

    I live in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

  • Matt

    Boom! Shake the Room. – by Jazzy Jeff And The Fresh Prince


    Bend, Oregon

  • Glaucus

    Portishead – Dummy

    Stockholm, Sweden

  • Alex Sherrick

    I haven’t listened to this album since 2005; Modest Mouse – The Lonesome Crowded West. Seems like a really good choice for these. Houston, TX

  • Andrew

    I’d wait to use these bad boys for Interpol’s El Pintor, I can’t wait!

    Brooklyn, NY

  • Skillet – Awake and Alive

    I live in Lennik, BELGIUM!

  • ATHEUS ‎”SOUNDSCAPES & DRONES” I live in Prague

  • Robin Edwards

    I’d listen to Space Oddity by David Bowie, it was my first album my so its befitting that they should be christened with it.


  • CN

    Creedence Clearwater Revival’s I put a spell on you. Wireless means full on air guitar mobility.

    -Toronto, Ontario

  • Janet McDonald

    I would give them to my daughter who just turned 18 so she can listen to USS aka Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker. Then I would borrow them to listen to dreamy Brendan Benson……

  • John Hua

    Would have to go with some NERD.
    Loving the site Jeff.

    Ottawa, ON

  • Rae Cooper

    Pocahontas – Colours of the Wind // Bump to Biggie Smalls – Hypnotize

    Brampton, ON

  • Fahmeed A.

    Days Before Rodeo by Travis Scott
    Toronto, ON

  • Hailey

    Rixton – Me and My Broken Heart

    Mississauga, Ontario

  • Jenny Lin


  • Kiddos Arya

    Icona Pop – All Night~
    i love that song these days

    Surabaya, Indonesia

  • sara MADbouli

    Dry The River’s ‘Shallow Bed’ – that album really deserves to be heard through headphones like these. Newcastle, UK

  • Kira

    Ghost in Summer Clothes by Department of Eagles
    New York, NY

  • Rey Gonzalez

    QOTSA’s Era Vulgaris

    Ventura, CA

  • Eysys Certend On

    Hope ” Diorama ” Bogota Colombia :D

  • Wayne Y

    Bells of Harlem. David Rawlings Machine. Vangroover, BC.

  • monkeyslick

    Where is my mind by the PIXIES would sound killer in those… Calgary, AB :)

  • Iñaky

    Bloc Party – Helicopter. Perfect for testing the headphones.
    Mexico City

  • Tara Lauren

    OLD 45s by CHROMEO

    Brampton, Ontario

  • Abhishek Pagaria

    Please give it me!!! I need them PLEASE>>>
    My first song will be Not Nineteen Forever.

  • Donna Mathis Salter

    Led Zeppelin – Kashmir

    Bomb City aka Amarillo Texas

  • Peter Muscat

    Imagine by John Lennon. Because theres way too much negativity in the world. His song, for 3 or so minutes, makes it seem to all go away.

  • brit2010

    would listen to Fortitude by Moby
    From Montréal, QC

  • astratxan

    Els millors professors europeus, Manel

    Barcelona, Spain

  • tinapple

    Ooooh, I’ll probably listen to Autechre in FLAC format. Then Little Dragon Klap Klap. I live in Phoenix, Arizona. These seem like pretty awesome cans.

  • maddogoday

    First album I ‘d listen to would be Die Antwoord “Donker Mag”. I live in San Francisco, CA.

  • The remastered Tago Mago by Can. Sonically it’s where I’ve been dwelling mentally and it’d be perfectly experienced on my eremitic night walks.

  • Nick

    Gentle Giant – Three Friends
    Toronto, Ont

  • Ploy Charoenpol

    Chiang Mai, Thailand

    i’m really into Chromeo’s new album at the moment, so that’s would be the first album i’ll have a run with the headphone with camomile tea in my hand.

  • Christine Larsen

    Mike Love, Permanent Holiday. Mmmm.
    Phillip Island. Australia.

  • John Tala

    Running – Gil Scott Heron and Jamie xx

  • Joseph Cantuba


    Talking Dreams Album

    Ajax, ON

  • thickydelish

    Alt-J, Hunger in the Pine you think he is saying, “I am the song” but he’s really saying “I hum the song” It’s still good though.

    • thickydelish

      Los Angeles, CA, USA

  • selma90

    I’ll listen to Ed Sheeran’s new album followed up by some old school

    Nirvana :)
    I live in Fort McMurray, Alberta.

    Thanks for the contest!

  • Christine Larsen

    Haiatus Kaiyote
    Listen to that voice music

    Phillip island Australia

  • crystal s

    I would listen to anything by Junior Prom. I’m near Ann Arbor, MI!

  • lindsay petrick

    little dragon – let go – baltimore, md

  • Harvey Eng

    Nice giveaway!

    I’ll be listening to Billy Ocean’s “When the Going Gets Tough” Good luck everyone!

    From Vancouver, BC

  • Braeden Lagaly

    Lawrence, Ks

  • Bug Holmes

    As mellow as this album is for as beautiful as these headphones are, I would to have to first bless them with the beautiful album of Hospice by the Antlers.

  • Bug Holmes

    Oh yeah! Oklahoma City, Oklahoma!

  • The giveaway is now closed – Congrats to Shirley L & Kyle G! Check your inbox!

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