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Incredible Re-arranged Photographs by Vancouver-based Artist Ed Spence








Vancouver-based artist Ed Spence is making some of my favourite work right now. I dropped by his studio a couple weeks ago and I couldn’t leave without buying a piece. Let me explain to you what you’re looking at.

Ed takes a photograph of a crumpled piece of reflective paper. Then he prints the image and cuts out a section of it using a blade. He carefully cuts up the section into small “pixels” and re-arranges them based on colour. So if you were to run your hand along the finished photograph you would feel the texture of the cut pieces.

You kinda have to see these in person to really get the full effect. Really fantastic stuff! Lots more images below. The one I bought is the next one down.































Ed Spence on Tumblr

Ed Spence on Instagram

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • rye

    i love art that involves complexity and patience! this dude has a lot of cool stuff on his tumblr too, love the ones of the pool. i wonder how long it takes to sort out the colours and shades? and if it is a conscious decision to mix in random pieces or if it just happens on its own and he just goes with it? these are dope.

    • i think it’s a pretty long process haha. he also has to be careful not to damage the print as he works on it

  • Hum… Out of curiosity, i wonder if he uses copies of the original cut, so he can freely occupy/construct the imagery. I mean, the intricacy of the construction redeems enough accomplishment. The result is efficient and it’s really beautiful, no matter which technique is employed here.

    • OK. He refers it in his website “No information is lost or gained”, so i assume it’s plain (creative) puzzle fun.

    • good question: ya he only uses pieces from the cut section and he uses every single piece

    • Frank Plant

      I’d say it’s a good thing that Pedro is out there looking and commenting,,,


    Wow. A lot of effort, but the results are really stunning.

  • Nicholas Bohac

    Thanks for sharing these. Absolutely phenomenal.

  • this is what it feels like to eat candy

  • Frank Plant

    ok having looked bit “more” I’d say that mister Spence has a keen knowledge of color an composition- Not sure what the pieces say to me but i find them pleasant, I know, horrible thing to say but it’s what came to mind. Anyway it’s a long path to arrive where he’s arrived and I think it’ll be very interesting where it leads him to. Hats off

  • This is blowing me away. Just everything about it is SO GOOD. When I’m back in Vancouver I have to figure out if I can get one.

  • Jonathan Lyman

    Joining the constructed photo with the survival blanket as a sculpture really makes it look like a complete work of art. I enjoy it a lot :-1

  • Michael Schwartz

    Seems worth mentioning that in addition to his immense talent and patience, Ed Spence is one of the nicest guys you’ll meet. Keep making beauty, Ed!

  • these works are absolutely incredible.
    thanks for sharing @jeffhamada:disqus

  • These are amazing!

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4- Describe your favourite procrastination technique.

5- What’s a unique question that I can use for a future 5 Questions post?



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