11.09.14 by Jeff

Samantha Bittman


Acrylic on woven textile works by artist Samantha Bittman. More below.















Samantha Bittman’s Website

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  • this is making my eyes freak out so hard


    I sat next to a boy in art class in high school (when I wasn’t skipping it, like a dummy) that would draw these huuuge pieces/sketches, very similar to these finished pieces, in graphite. He would make small mistakes, erase, and start over on different section. i was amazed at his patience. I would always say “your hands are so trained, you could probably create sum truly amazing realism portraits with those trained hands, your eye for detail, and that ridiculous patience if you’d do some realist portraiture studies bro…” he was a very quiet, nerdy type, yknow? and, he’d just smile n’ keep drawing these repeated geometric patterns. I think it’s interesting/cool that *this* artist is doing these geometric patterns in acrylic *paint* on canvas, rather than in pencil on paper or with ink on paper. Must take a ton of patience and a really trained brush hand… The brush must be an extention of his fingers at this point. Y’know, the artist can probably tell exactly what pressure to use, how to flip the bristles… Any1 that paints small/tiny pieces knows what i mean, haha. These are neat. Thx for sharing them.

28.06.17 by Jeff

Beautiful Cut Feather Art by Chris Maynard

In the hands of Chris Maynard, a shed bird feather becomes breathtaking art. Have a look at more of his delicate work below.

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28.06.17 by Jeff

Webcomic Name by Alex Norris

Alex Norris’ webcomic name is Webcomic Name and each instalment ends with the exact same punchline. It shouldn’t be funny but there’s something really great about the innocent way Alex approaches each idea. Have a look at some more below!

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27.06.17 by Jeff

Instagram of the Day: Artist Creates Vintage VHS Versions of Modern Movies

If you grew up in the 80s you’re really gonna like this Instagram account. Steelberg takes current films and makes fantastic retro VHS covers for them. Many of you will be too young to have ever gone to a store to rent a video but seeing these makes me kinda miss the whole movie-choosing ritual. Have a look at more VHS covers below.

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27.06.17 by Jeff

Artist Spotlight: Alain Delorme

French artist Alain Delorme digitally distorts reality in his series “Totems” in which people are captured around Shanghai with precarious piles of objects. More images below.

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27.06.17 by Jeff

Artist Spotlight: Hula

A long overdue selection of spectacular work by Hawaiian artist Sean Yoro aka Hula, whose water murals have become his signature over the past couple years. More images below.

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