16.09.14 by Jeff

Imprint Presents: Jeff Hamada (Full Video)


In July, I flew down to Los Angeles to speak as part of Imprint Culture Lab’s on-going lecture series. One of the last speakers they had was David Choe so I had a fairly tough act to follow (he began his talk by smashing a chair on stage). Two years ago I set a goal for myself to say yes to public speaking events until I actually enjoyed doing them, and I’m excited to announce I may not ever speak publicly again; I actually enjoyed this one.

I don’t want to give away my whole talk, I’d rather you just watch it, but there’s a healthy amount of embarrassing stories, and things I’ve observed about the Internet. Specifically the way in which it’s killing creativity without most people noticing it.

Watch the full hour-long video below (if you have nothing better to do), and if you have any thoughts/insights about anything I touch on I’m totally into having a discussion in the comments section!

Hope you enjoy it.


PS – Huge huge gigantic thanks to everyone who came out to the talk in LA, it was really fun meeting so many of you in person!

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • zachallinger

    Thank you Jeff for your vulnerability. Through this I am gaining so much confidence and taking charge of being more creative in all fields of life!!! You’re a world changer man!!!! Blessings!!!

    • great to hear! thanks for the encouragement!

  • Ohji

    Nailed it. A perfect level of imperfection. I was skeptical about the talk being an hour, but everything you were saying was extremely relevant, albeit for a niche demographic of up and coming creatives – but nonetheless, you’re saying things no one else is saying in same way that you are, which I found extremely valuable (but not enough to be stuck in the loop). Not enough people talk about failure as boldly as you do, with the amount of reverence for both success and failure, for both winners and losers, geniuses and idiots as you do. Thanks for the great talk, dude.

    • thanks Ohji – ya i think pursuing personal fears has really changed my perspective on failure. now i have to be honest with myself and pick something else that scares me as much as public speaking used to

  • Very engaging talk. I’ll try to not sound confusing in this but you do a great job of not being a ‘good speaker’. There’s clearly an audience, and a lot to relate to in this. Cheers Jeff


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  • Luchia Bloomfield

    For someone that’s “not a very good speaker”, you just spoke really well. Loved the talk Jeff :)

  • My first CD I owned was Dookie, too!

    • what was your favourite song

      • The entire album was insanely amazing – still one of my favorites – but She, Coming Clean and When I Come Around (and who can forget “all by myself”)

      • what about you?

      • Longview was always my fav

  • Stephen Kim

    LOOOOOOL!!! I actually laughed out loud at your “You’ve got mail” video. Just like your last presentation, it was really funny and inspirational (tactic knowledge, fast moving river, and how we desire and feel the most satisfied near the end of our goals). AWESOME JOB!! You need to make more of those hilarious videos!

    • thanks Stephen! i do want to make some more videos, not necessarily videos of public speaking things but i have ideas that hopefully this fall i’ll be able to start making!

  • renan javier

    The Success in Failure: The Life & Times of Jeff Hamada. I smell a book deal coming…but seriously, awesome talk. The audience just got tacit knowledged big time. Although I’ve heard these stories you mentioned before, it’s nice to hear you expand on them making them relevant to the talk. Nice work jeffi

  • Taylor doran

    Fantastic talk! I’m inspired. I visit Booooooom every single day.

    • glad to hear it Taylor thanks for the encouragement

  • rye

    this is probably like the 20th time i’ve reset my password lol… i had to comment on this! definitely feel lots of resonance with all the topics covered! i had to let it sink in for a couple minutes after watching to realize more relevance. there are so many applicable parallels to bboying in this!!! ESPECIALLY the part on echo chambers. bboying HAS become an algorithm for sure…( obviously there will always be a few exceptions to the rule) it’s really sad when i think about the paradox the culture i love so much is trapped in. i could literally talk for hours about how you could exchange each mention of “art” or “creative” with breakdance and bboying and it would also be 100% relevant and engaging to a bboy or bgirl. that said i’ll just end abruptly with . . .

    great talk jeff!

    • cool man im glad you could relate it to something else completely i love that – someone said to me the other day that i am a meta thinker im still trying to fully understand what that means but i think it is true about me and you have a bit too i think being able to immediately draw so many parallels to bboying – thanks for putting in the extra effort to comment

      • rye

        ps. sick big L tee !

  • Lena

    Hey Jeff, I am probably not your typical audience (I can tell I’m *older* by your Dookie reference, also I frequently have 6 and 9 yo kids hanging off my neck, and no art school background), but am on my own creative journey (4th career? illustration?) I really appreciated your notes on failure, ideas, and the echo chamber of the internet…also how your site feels more like an inclusive community (calls for submissions), as opposed to ten rocks away. I’m an ex-East Van mom living in the ‘burbs and I love BOOOOOOOM! (kiddos were trying to count the # of Os) Keep up the awesome storytelling.

    • hi Lena! good for you for not being afraid to change paths or for being afraid but not letting that be a big enough reason to not do it. glad you are enjoying the site and feel the community vibes that i have been trying so hard to cultivate here

  • François Delfosse

    Thanks for taking the time. Long talk reflects the long looks you seem take at things you post (I wonder were you find the time to actually get anything done). In an hour of words, I missed some points you make. booooooooom already felt human, and maybe a bit more tomorrow.

    • i do spend a lot of time working on it everyday so im glad it feels human, thanks for the comments

  • ben kelly

    Hey I just watched this and found your thoughts really interesting. Just the other day I noticed that this site had added a trending column (not sure when this was added- i may be slow on the uptake) and it had me thinking about the whole echo chamber thing at the time- now you dont have to sort through all the posts including the things you dont like, just jump onto boooooooom, check out whats popular and move on etc- so I find it interesting that you spoke about this exact subject in your talk. Doesnt this exacerbate the issue youre trying to avoid?

    • ben kelly

      not a criticism, just a thought, great talk!

      • haha ya i dont know to be honest. that widget is an experiment and im still figuring out how to tweak it to be something useful. i think the trending posts might be more interesting to me than the readers, im not sure yet. i like seeing which posts people are responding to as a way of helping me gauge the balance of the stuff people already like with the stuff they find more challenging

  • Cool!

  • I love this! I am jiving with the pushing yourself into uncomfortable situations. And

    Pooh holds a special place in my heart. Thanks for this.

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