26.09.14 by Jeff

Tyler Keeton Robbins


Drawings and paintings by Kelowna, British Columbia-based artist Tyler Keeton Robbins. I met Tyler this past week and he is the real deal – insanely talented and extremely friendly (the best combination). He is pretty unknown at this point but his first solo show “Weak Stimuli” opens on October 3rd at Catalog Gallery, so I’m sure that will change pretty quick. If I had to pick an emerging artist to watch, this is the guy.

Peep lots more of Tyler’s beautiful work below. (And come to his show!!!)






















7PM – Friday, October 3rd

Catalog Gallery

2016 – 88 West Pender


Tyler Keeton Robbins on Instagram

Tyler Keeton Robbins’ Website

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Luchia Bloomfield

    Wow, this guys style is incredible.

    • ya!

    • Christian Huki


    • Lattens3097

      Christopher . if you think Karen `s blog is great, yesterday I picked up a great GMC when I got my cheque for $7105 this past five weeks and a little over 10k this past-munth . without a doubt it is the most comfortable work I’ve ever done . I began this 5 months ago and practically straight away began to bring in over $86… per-hr . see


  • Andrew Dobson

    relatively unknown at this point yet he has thirty-two hundred (plus) followers on Instagram?

    • Oliver Herlitschek

      One can argue the popularity value of Instagram followers vs. number of solo shows. I’d say the latter is most important in this line of work.

  • This sort of work scares and excites the artist in me. Most often I can ‘work out’ how the artist has approached the piece, but these are puzzling. His brain seems to be wired entirely differently from mine, allowing him to form these marriages of shapes in to something really quite wondrous.

  • Sarah Blum

    there’s something joan miro-y about this stuff! i really like the contrast of textures!

  • incredible, fluid stuff. lots of energy moving around

  • Brit Bachmann

    (His instagram changed to http://instagram.com/tylerkeetonrobbins)

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