31.10.14 by Jeff

Giveaway: Earthling by Illustrator Aisha Franz


My friends at Drawn & Quarterly just sent me over a copy of illustrator Aisha Franz’s fantastic debut graphic novel, Earthling, and I get to give away another copy to one of you.

If you’d like to snag the book tell me what the title of your debut graphic novel would be, in the comments below. We’ll pick a winner on November 14th. This is open to everyone in North America and the UK.




Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Kelly Rae

    The Artist & the Engineer

  • Nick Bourland

    The Time When Life was Almost Real

  • Dylan Griffith

    Clouds Over the Tangerine Scene

  • Reimo Õun

    One meter Peter

  • CoutureFrancois

    52 nights on the road of Newfoundland.

  • JP

    Peter, you’ve become a Pirate!

  • ianhumphresartist

    Mecha-Rex and the Zombie Astronauts!

  • Miguel Esquirol

    The invisible tiger

  • Lena Duong

    Knee-Deep in Enchilada Dreams

  • Sarah M.

    Lady and the Lava Bear

  • Secrets of a Red-headed Stepchild

  • julie casey

    Small Dog and the Amazing Mouse

  • Pepe Rmrz

    Time flows in strange ways on sundays.

  • Lindsey

    This Isn’t Rocket Scientry

  • Andrew Lamb

    Games for Poor People.

  • chrisryoh

    How to Finish Nothing and Foolishly Find Pride in All Kinds of Attempted Successes

  • Marty Crosson


  • Kali

    The Smartest thing A Girl Could Do

  • Nate Joski

    Higgledy Piggledy

  • One Part “Vigilant,” Two Parts “Crazy.”

  • Joe V.


  • JDR

    Hi, Beyonce!

  • Luis Garcia, Jr.

    La Renaisstroika

  • Janie Stapleton

    The Hummingbird Effect

  • Jane Meyer

    Applehead Man

  • David

    Apollo’s Pavillion

  • Christopher Tang

    Graphic Design is Hard

  • Rachel Orimo

    Jello Sandwiches

  • Vivian Shih


  • David Lee

    L.A. Train

  • A Taxi Sinking into the Sand

  • Nachito Pérez De Muro

    Where the spiders sleep

  • Grant Thomas

    My Life in Records

  • Randy Morales

    Junkie Everyday

  • Dean

    Don’t Do Anything. Ever!

  • Kimberly Bunting

    Blinking Eyes

  • clair gunther

    I’ve been writing a thing for a while called Magick Gang

  • Pablo Cruz

    Just Some Book, Nothing To See Here, Move Along.

  • Chris K29

    Chicken Fried Rice Is Blue In The Morning!

  • Amy Elliott

    Sitting Here and Sweating: A Memoir

  • John Smith

    The Greatest Adventures of Grape & Elvis. Vol. 1: Stick ‘Em Up! Boogar War Begins

  • Parvathy Subramanian

    Sundari | stories of lust and love

  • Sean Neppl

    You Go I Go

  • Alex Gomez

    Misadventures of an Artic explorer in South Rodesia

  • CjEggett

    Blood & Butter

  • Alex Bond

    Politics of the 24-Hour Highway Exit Diner

  • Max Leach

    what a Mess

  • Tom Roche

    The time I cut my face shaving and fell into a space vortex

  • девочка светова

    Not My Best Work

  • Collin Margerum

    Last of the Toughs

  • “Like Lord of the Flies, but in space”

  • N B

    More Like a Plant than a Jewel

  • tender heart :)

  • Kaitlyn lafferty

    Mistakes were made.

  • All Quietlike

  • Becky Nguyen

    Smelling like Chinese food and other short stories.

  • Philipp Boettcher

    The Portal Pond

  • Diego Cadena Bejarano

    my life started hungover

  • Matthew Millett

    Life Spent on Trains

  • mickeyf19

    It Symbolizes Death.

  • Busted Why

    The gravity of it

  • Sarah Blum

    I Am Not A Daisey

  • Shannon Castor

    I love how this book is illustrated.

  • Emily Jacobsen

    Les Dents de Midi

  • JimTodd

    bowlcut uppercut

  • Sarah Elise

    Safe Danger

  • lee

    The Witch in the Well

  • Vince Smigiel

    Vroom, Vroom, Skrrrrt.

  • Akira Yasuda

    “The Most Romantic Goose on the Earth”

  • Emma Norris

    The day i fell into space

  • Lavi Virk

    “Of mice and man – New beginnings”

  • “Kiss and never make up”

  • ‘i wish i was cool’

  • Claudia

    If Life Exists, It’s Probably Like This

  • Kyle Chambers

    “Because it Ought to be”

  • Lauren

    I was a lover.

  • Edison R. Osorio

    Rhody and Molly: A Ranch Dogs Diary

  • Liana

    “The life and times”

  • AdamSGood

    That Ghost

  • Zackery McLaren

    If Ignorance is Bliss then Why am I Unhappy

  • “Death Is Forever”

  • Rotem Anna Diamant

    Fairy Tales of Winnipeg

  • Susan S.

    “The Path Beyond”

  • boobytrapdoors

  • Tanner J

    repeating awe

  • arra

    Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit.

  • Caroline Amelia Iles

    Thanks for Nothing

  • Melanie Roach

    falling, wondering why no-one is noticing

  • Nick_Francis_Potter

    Since I’m actually working on it:

  • alice is

    Nope. Not now. Not ever.

  • Stan

    Pain is temporary ugliness is forever

  • Peter Parker

    The Amazing Spiderman

  • Brian Alexander


  • wurlizer

    “sane as can be”

  • Skye Hilton

    Cosmic Princess Strikes At Last

  • Midnight: The Emotional Spectrum Circus

  • Maleci Sevenths

    Brutal Strudel

  • Jann

    A guide on how to exist without even existing

  • hopeyffgrbp

    The Saddest Little Girl I Ever Met

  • Just one word Transitions

  • jen

    Chicken dinner.

  • I’ll smile when you’re dead

  • “Where the pavement led me”

  • Julien Audet

    Stupid Box

  • jaycie

    Sleep is for the weak!

  • Laura Kelly

    “Novice Death”

  • Christopher Kilroy

    “The 3 Moods of Lasers and Other Poems”

  • Riff, Raff, Brain Outage

  • tahlee johnson

    Lakes reflect the sky.

  • Tantash, the Eggplant Hating Peacock

  • Denise

    Shaking My Head

  • We come in peace

  • Analeah Rosen

    Cage of Complexes

  • Rain City.

  • Laura Maria Ramirez Giraldo

    invasions of the magical turd

26.07.17 by Jeff

Illustrator Spotlight: Vincent Giard + Singeon

I recently stumbled across this tumblr called Brousse, an older project by illustrators Vincent Giard and Singeon. If you’re looking for some drawing inspiration, the blog documents a game of visual ping pong between the two artists (they’ve also released a couple books). Check out some more images below.

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26.07.17 by Jeff

Photographer Spotlight: Mike Chalmers

A selection of work by photographer Mike Chalmers, who was born in Scotland and is currently based in London. More images below.

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25.07.17 by Jeff

Illustrator Spotlight: Alice Conisbee

A selection of work by illustrator Alice Conisbee. More images below.

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25.07.17 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Bette Burgoyne

A selection of recent drawings by Seattle-based artist Bette Burgoyne, including her latest foray into working with colour. Click here for previous post. More images below.

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25.07.17 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Roger White

Paintings by artist Roger White. See more “Mirror” images below.

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