13.01.15 by Jeff

Video of the Day: Artist Profile on Andrea Wan

andrea-wan-01 andrea-wan-02 andrea-wan-03andrea-wan-04

Ignant produced this wonderful profile on artist Andrea Wan whose solo show “Fleeting Seasons” opens this Thursday at BC Gallery in Berlin! Andrea, if you’re reading this, thanks for the shout out in the video! Berlin is lucky, Vancouver misses you!

Watch the video below.

Directed by Sylvie Weber

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Caroline Kurze

    Thanks for sharing Jeff

  • She is one of my favorites, beautiful work, very inspiring, i am out of words always. <3

  • let’s all keep making mistakes <3

  • Stephen Walker

    Awesome stuff Jeff, Andrea’s work has always inspired to me to do singular pieces, she’s a true Gem!

  • Cata Caicedo

    Beautiful, she is so inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

  • Jess

    Her work is amazing. I love it and that’s pretty cool that she mentions BOOOOOOOM too ;-)

  • Against_the_grain

    This is great. Very inspirational!

  • kitty_marley23


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      • 215Hustle

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  • mancheez


  • Very nice introduction to a very talented artist. Thanks for sharing.

27.06.17 by Jeff

Instagram of the Day: Artist Creates Vintage VHS Versions of Modern Movies

If you grew up in the 80s you’re really gonna like this Instagram account. Steelberg takes current films and makes fantastic retro VHS covers for them. Many of you will be too young to have ever gone to a store to rent a video but seeing these makes me kinda miss the whole movie-choosing ritual. Have a look at more VHS covers below.

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27.06.17 by Jeff

Artist Spotlight: Alain Delorme

French artist Alain Delorme digitally distorts reality in his series “Totems” in which people are captured around Shanghai with precarious piles of objects. More images below.

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27.06.17 by Jeff

Artist Spotlight: Hula

A long overdue selection of spectacular work by Hawaiian artist Sean Yoro aka Hula, whose water murals have become his signature over the past couple years. More images below.

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26.06.17 by Jeff

Illustrator Spotlight: Gracey Zhang

A selection of beautiful work by illustrator Gracey Zhang, based in New York. More images below.

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26.06.17 by Jeff

Illustrator Spotlight: Taj Francis

A selection of work by illustrator Taj Francis. More images below.

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