26.02.15 by Jeff

Trippy Image of the Day: Is This Dress White And Gold or Blue and Black?


This is the best thing I’ve seen circulating the web right now. A user on Tumblr named Swiked posted this image that has the Internet pretty well divided. Is the dress white and gold or blue and black? I stared at the image thinking it was white and gold and it literally changed before my eyes.


Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • i wish i could say the colors changed for me… #fomo haha

  • DM

    I saw black and blue but now I see gold and blue. Don’t see white though, that’s definitely blue.

  • it’s fascinating! between the Llamas on the run and this today was a good internet day! (blue and black)

  • Kyler Zeleny

    black and blue, Photoshop eyedropper tool agrees with me

    • chris zidek

      i did the same thing last night to put it to rest.

  • The Paint guy.

    Here yah go kids. See the truth and know it is good.

  • Don Guy

    classic sunlight vs tungsten mixed lighting bad photo…what’s the big deal?

  • Unless you are colorblind and perceive the blue as a very light shade of grey… there is no way that is white… I don’t even know…

  • Daniel


  • I just see light blue and gold. But if i half-close my eyes, i can see the gold turning black and the white/light-blue turn to Klein blue. Try it!

  • Juanma Moreno

    Ok, I see it BLUE AND BLACK. I asked my girlfriend what color it was (without saying anything else) and she told me white and gold. We saw that in the same screen in the same place :S

  • Im seeing Gold and White but my Sisters sees Blue and Black..

  • I’m glad its Friday and I have a chance to rest after today as this is messing with the grey bits in my head. Earlier it was Blue and Black ( while on my phone) now its is Gold and White ( on phone and computer) Is this the beginning of the END!!

    • Oh god it changed again!!

  • If it was black, there would not be any shadow cast by the colar. But there is one, so it is obviously gold (or something yellowish). When the picture is taken in front of a window the camera adapts to the bright sun light by reducing the lightness sensitivity. If you remove the adaptation, it would look like this. And this is the (almost) real color of the dress.

  • This is hilarious!

  • Aaron Howdle

    I think there are two different photos circulating. It’s a stunt. I have seen both colors on different feeds.

  • Matasiva Ft Kalavite

    if no one has mentioned. Right handed people see blue and black while left handed people see white and gold. Correct me if im wrong but thats what ive noticed. Different brain stimulations lolz

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