12.06.15 by Staff

This is Not the Way to Disneyland



Exciting new work by Canadian painter, Andrew Salgado. This is Not the Way to Disneyland debuts June 15th at Volta 11, Art Basel. Check out more images below!









Andrew Salgado’s Website

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  • LesDav Ag

    your work is amazing!!!! Congrats Andrew!!

  • I really love his work, Its nice to see him exploring new territory/style. At first the scale and the quickness of his marks interested me, like a giant palette knife scraping with such fluidity but then areas of constraint. I show his work to students when I get them to start exploring contemporary portraiture. So good!

    • P.S Andrew if you ever need a model! heh heh worth a try ;)

      • Wael1

        haha, I said the same thing :)

  • Nate Konyi

    i like these!

  • Jeffrey Jebara

    I love painting and I really love these paintings. !!!

  • Scottie Higgins

    # Super Cool!

  • Marian Robertson

    I have no art background what so ever, but the more I see of your work, the more I love it!! The fierce, raw faces pull me in, fascinate me, make me want more… we are all so much more than we appear on the surface!!!

  • gorgeous paintings!

23.06.17 by Jeff

5 Questions You Must Answer (or die)

This is our weekly discussion post where I ask 5 questions and you answer them (I answer them too). If you missed them, the previous 5 Questions posts are HEREHEREHERE and HERE.


The Questions

1- What’s your favourite piece of useless trivia?

2- What’s a bargain bin movie that’s actually really good?

3- How many times do you think you’ve stolen something in your life?

4- Describe your favourite procrastination technique.

5- What’s a unique question that I can use for a future 5 Questions post?



23.06.17 by Jeff

Artist Spotlight: Luke Ramsey

Loving these paintings from “Out In It” by Luke Ramsey, which is just coming down at Madrona Gallery, part of his artist residency in Victoria, BC. This is what summer feels like here. Have a look at more from the series as well as a couple murals below!

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23.06.17 by Jeff

Artist Spotlight: Luis Garcia aka OOGLIOO

Loving these weird drawings by San Diego-based artist Luis Garcia aka OOGLIOO. Have a look at a couple more below!

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22.06.17 by Jeff

Artist Spotlight: Gareth Cadwallader

A selection of paintings by British artist Gareth Cadwallader (another great find from Supersonic). More images below.

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22.06.17 by Jeff

Artist Spotlight: Steve Chmilar

Paintings by Canadian artist (and musician) Steve Chmilar, born in Grand Prairie, Alberta and now living in Toronto, Ontario. His upcoming show “Wrong Century” starts June 23rd at 7pm at Hashtag Gallery (Toronto). More images below.

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