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Booooooom Reader Submissions: January


This is an OPEN CALL for you art and photography! I discovered so many amazing artists this past year in our monthly reader submissions posts. Just a reminder that this is not only a chance to share your work but to compliment and build up others in this community – they’re all your peers!

Not everything submitted will be featured, but keep in mind these posts often get well over 1,000 comments so you can imagine the amount of people who will see your work here. You have the ability to vote up work you see in here, it does help me to see the kind of work that the readers are really feeling.

Excited to see what you all share this month and all this year!


Submission Guidelines:

1. Please don’t flood the comments with a dozen images, just post 1 image that represents your best work along with 1 link.

2. If you see good work posted by someone upvote it so it appears at the top. This is not just a nice thing to do, it helps me see what work you actually like.

3. You can/should also encourage people who are sharing good work here! Comment on their posts and let them know you like what they’re doing. I really want to foster a community here, and this is a simple way you can connect with other people making work.

4. Keep in mind your post may not show up right away because it has an image attached. It may need to be manually approved first so don’t freak out and post a million times, once is enough.




Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Cris
    • Super cute – and the blue hair was a nice touch :)

      • Cris

        Thanks a lot! :)

  • Mickael Brana (Patiño)

    Hey guys I let you my last illustration work called AFRICA, full of crazy animals.
    Hope you like it, and happy new year everyone !


  • prevka


    • Erie Canary

      Gorgeous ;-;.

      • prevka

        Thank you Erie!

    • love this! very elegantly composed.

      • prevka

        Thank you!

    • love this :)

      • prevka

        Thank you :)

    • I was wondering what one of these would look like in color, and then I went to your site… oh man, you have some awesome work. I hope other people check out your site, because the work on there is amazing. I love your colors and sense of whimsy.

      • prevka

        MANY THANKS!! I am glad to hear that ;)

    • Incredible work, i would love to see it in person!

    • Johnny Tang

      really beautiful work, your dedication to your craft is nothing short of an inspiration!

    • Diego De La Rosa

      Gorgeous work sir! Hope to one day see it in person! Are you from Toronto?

  • Khashayar Ghorbani

    “the Day I became a Villain”

  • Backroom Reading

  • Thomas Wilson

    Levels – By Thomas Wilson
    Photos from Malawi


  • Leigha Kristina


    Currently don’t have a website.

  • Sarah Matuszewski

    Illustration for the jewellery label NAMAMI.
    Find more work at:

  • Burkhard Müller
  • Burkhard Müller
    • Wow, very intricate. The longer I look the more little details I see move! Great!

    • Amazing work!

    • This is great!

    • Tom Buhrman

      Great work.

    • Johnny Tang

      clever! I love stuff like this, so many details and fun stuff to look at!!!

    • Ben Bauchau

      love this!

  • Sr Baltimore

    Sr. Baltimore instagram.com/srbaltimore

  • Johan Lind
  • krak illu

    Hi !
    One of my maze, REAL maze with a real enter, out, and road to connect both of them.
    Draw on wood, with pen.
    See you soon :)


  • Creamy.
    Soul Window Blog

    • Audrey Brown

      nice colors.

  • I love it so much!

  • Henry Pucknell

    Is this a miniature for a performance art space?

    • Ludmilla Cerveny

      It’s a model of a fictional place.

  • I really dig these photos. The site looks awesome. Nice style on the photographs. I feel like we have a similar style

    • Thanks!, i agree there is something quite similar that i enjoy in your work.

      • Where are you based out of?

      • New York for now, really eager to explore the West Coast, how about you?

  • Very nice work, I really like this.

  • caleb speller

    Ceramics is the thread passing through the trends and the yupity within the art realm. from Caleb Speller

  • Sean Couch

    Sean Couch
    instagram: @megacatxyz

  • ANNE

    I LOVE your paintings! They’re so full of energy

  • Henry Pucknell

    Woah thats fantastic

  • Beautiful!

  • Sweet line work

  • Nice drawings and very original!

  • Cool what you made of this sleeve. I used to have a few of these records. They were pop and disco hits played by other bands, not the original artists, I think I remember.

    • James Connolly

      You’re right Wouter, they are cover versions of hits from the day.
      I would always find these in junk shops so I decided to give them new life.

  • thedunkel


    • James Connolly


    • James Connolly


  • I really like this!

  • Soft Reeds

    rap boys

  • Titania Seidl
  • Kaitlin Ferguson

    Kaitlin Ferguson

    ” Viewfinder”
    Outdoor Sculptural Installation

  • Julia Pulliam


  • Gia Liapi

    Hi all!
    Visit the CAG during gallery hours 12-6p from January 26th to 31st to see Boudreau’s cool performance ‘Lying Bodies, Standing Bodies’! Free!

    Deceptively simple, Lying Bodies,
    Standing Bodies (2014) is structured as a durational loop by two people. One performer stands observing another lying on the gallery floor until they tire, then exchanging places. The period of each interval is determined by the performers, a continual role reversal described.
    Set in the Alvin Balkind gallery, the viewer happens upon this intensely
    intimate act as it unfolds daily.

  • Nice photos! Fuji Velvia? I like how you have presented your photos on the website.

    • Thanks! i am glad you like the presentation, i’ve been very insecure about it, didn’t know if it was too crazy or understandable haha, a lot of it it’s film, some of it is Fuji Velvia but not as much as i would like it to be, some lomography iso 800, a couple of fuji superia 400, and i think even digital photos somewhere in that mix.

  • Nice one with the lights.

  • hazelrah

    so strange and beautiful!

  • Great! Love the colour palette especially :)

    • Jonah Ainslie

      Thanks Lucy!

  • I love this illustration :)

  • Blacky

    very creative! nice work!

  • Nick Rivers

    Interdisciplinary Artist.

    Things felt first in the body, before the mind, reinforce a philosophical belief that I am, therefore I think. My work deals with violence, destruction, love, and creation. I consider gestures between the specific towards the universal, then examine displacement and dislocation in the world and myself. We are all related. All things are in relation to one another. The core of my work is grounded in this belief. As an artist, I prefer to blur disciplinary lines of medium and focus my work on examining my Being and being in the world, alongside our Being and being in the world. Can the artist be the medium, the poet, the philosopher? I believe yes.

    Being concerned with evidence and the mark, I create gestures of things occurring, things which occurred, and things yet to occur. The work suspends itself in anticipation, challenges narrative, pushes towards self-realization. For me, everything is about the experience in the body, and the significance between ourselves and the rest of the world. Through sculpture, performance and video I address the body as a spiritual, ontological vessel.

  • happy new year :-)

    • To you too Jeff! :-)

    • Happy New Year to you too Jeff!

  • nice work Kohshin

  • love the first few images on your site especially – great work

    • Thanks Jeff. The recent stuff is inspired by reports of unexplained phenomenon in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Glad you dig it.

  • Hilarious concept, and your drawing style compliments it perfectly.

  • The paintings on your website are amazing. I love your style and color palettes.

  • It’s very hard to look at your drawings and not smile :) Hope you are having a happy 2016 Maria

    • Thank you! I am glad my drawings make you smile :-). Have a great year you too!

  • Loved the paintings on your site and how beautifully you combine traditional oil painting with elements of street art. Great stuff.

  • This is great, and I have watched this way more times than I care to publicly admit :)

    • Jonah Ainslie

      Thank you!

  • Super charming :)

  • Anne said it all – these have such great energy.

  • Really interesting – I love the colors and how 3-D this feels. Excited to see what else is on your site, because this is awesome :)

  • I love these colors and the way you painted and placed those two lines in there – such an original approach to a portrait.

  • Your website did not disappoint. I love your style, and the fly on the nose, guy walking the dog and fish getting photographed at the peepshow were especially awesome.

  • Really interesting piece – I really like the coloring of this too.

  • Lucy Veale

    This is beautiful! So detailed!

  • Lucy Veale


  • Rocco Lombardi

    Rocco Lombardi

  • incredible, surreal

  • Lauren Pizzi

    Gorgeous. Loved the format of your website and thumbnails. Especially moved by “Camouflage for the Modern Man”.

  • Richard Keeling

    Richard Keeling. 3 Shapes project


  • Joeun Lee

    This series is about the time I had to spend at the hospital.

    • This is lovely, i hope everything turned out okay with your hospital stay, and continues to be okay. The mutation series is awesome btw!

  • u9ly lun6s

    “Hectic” -Avvezz

  • Lauren Pizzi

    Lovely composition. I appreciate the simplicity, it leaves something open-ended.

    • William Gagne

      Thank you very much it’s nice to have some feedback it’s the first time I ever post on boooooom

      • Lauren Pizzi

        Same here! :D

  • Çiğdem Demir

    Love this!

    • love to see more like this

  • Stefan Lesueur

    “View of Buckingham Palace” from my digital photo series, Obscura, examining the way cameras change how we interact with our surroundings, particularly tourist sites.

  • Jeremy S. Collins

    Surfer Blood – Point of No Return (Official Video)


  • I love it Cristian!

  • Very interesting piece :)

  • so beautiful

    • Cal Ah Um Russell


  • loved it

  • nyree g

    love this! very cool.

  • nyree g

    very subtle and gentle, but it caught my attention amidst all the loudness.

  • Styron Pennywell


  • Johnny Tang

    Now that, is really cool!!!

  • Johnny Tang


  • Josh Knott

    Sequence 5 – Intaglio/Monotype Collage on Illustration Board, 19.5″ x 19.5″

    no website (working on it) :(

    • nice work che can you email in larger images of your paintings! jeff at booooooom dot com thanks !

  • Johnny Tang

    hah! That’s dope.

  • Johnny Tang

    amazing work!!!

  • Johnny Tang

    that’s dope!!!

  • breier

    Thank you!

  • nice

  • what is the medium? layers of paper?

    • breier

      it’s a secret…….

  • Johnny Tang

    very cool! amazing woodwork graham!

  • Johnny Tang

    that’s phat!

    • Andrew / Monomizer

      Thank you! Glad you liked it!

  • Martin

    Gif isn’t running unless you click on the link. Nice idea.

  • Sabine Brosche

    absolutely love this! Embroidery made look contemporary!

    • Julia Carol

      Thank you!!!

  • I love it Alex :)

    • Alexander Jahani

      Thank you very much!

  • Ian Reynold

    nice work!

  • Audrey Brown

    One of my favorites of yours!

  • Audrey Brown

    This is amazing.

  • Audrey Brown

    Is this based off of Susie’s in Chicago?! Amazing.

    • Danny Sobor

      yup, it’s my favorite diner!

  • Audrey Brown

    Really beautiful.

  • Audrey Brown

    Love this.

  • Audrey Brown

    This is great.

  • Audrey Brown

    Ah, love this.

  • Thank you :)

    • not a problem – genuine compliment!

  • I created an ART installation (I think).
    “This is the evolution of the photo booth. We have tapped into the selfie-lust habits of the modern day partygoer. But unlike the conventional photo booth experience, we went hyper dynamic, we went hyper visual, and for the first time in photo booth history, we introduced selflessness to the selfie. An experience for you, and an experience for all.”

  • Lia Tuia
  • Dave

    My recent paintings are sculptural pattern/optic based.
    Hope you dig it!
    instagram: davesauce

  • Elisha Enfield
  • Love this!

  • This is literally amazing Marja! :D

    • Thank you Domo Suki!

  • Haunted Euth

    Haunted Euth – ” Hard Times ” Acrylic and enamel on canvas. 40×40 Inches.


  • Haunted Euth

    Haunted Euth – ” Hard Times ” Acrylic and enamel on canvas. 40×40 Inches.


  • sarafrantz.com

  • Betsy Lin

    Delicious Side Dish

  • Remington dayn-ryan

    Feeling the good vibes! Nice work!

  • Remington dayn-ryan

    Nice photo. I checked out your website too and like your other work as well!

    • Rose Clements

      thank you!

  • Reminds me of The Darjeeling Limited:)

  • Kate Klingbeil

    “Something Just Out Of Sight”
    watercolor, gouache and ink on paper
    10″ x 10″

  • Gabriel Pulecio

    Ligh-tFrames – Constellations

  • Keith Reid

    Love the colors, It feels like a dream.

    • Thanks Keith. I love your description, and I’m obsessed with colors, so your comment put a big smile on my face :)

      • Keith Reid

        Thank you

  • Beautiful girl, beautiful photo

  • This is lovely !

  • Beautiful !

  • So cute!

  • Eri Dailene

    Eri Dailene

  • ceramica al femminile

    beautiful photo :)

  • Sandra Trengia

    good Job !
    I love this !!!

  • Sandra Trengia

    Good job !
    I love this !!!

  • marco bizzocchi

    Bella foto !
    Bravo !

  • marco bizzocchi

    Mi piace molto il tuo stile !
    Brava !!!

  • Ben Bauchau

    great work!

  • Alexander Terragno

    Bravissima !!!
    Mi piace molto ! :D

  • Ben Bauchau

    love the weird feeling of this!

  • Al

    Red Cloud Balloon

  • Ian J. Carr

    Untitled, 2015, steel, wood, prefabricated hardware, latex paint, chalk, 44.75 x 10.5 x 8 inches (114 x 27 x 20.5 cm)

  • This is lovely! :)

  • Alex Joachim

    Reality is a prison!

    Model: Tabbytha Janeen
    Photographer: Alex Joachim

  • Solaris100


  • Michael Ziobrowski

    Paul McCartney / Pastel Polaroid
    mixed media collage
    (magazine clippings, MTN aerosol, Adhesive tapes & xerox’d Ben-Day patterns)
    8.25″ x 11.25″ on 140 lb. Strathmore paper

    by Michael Ziobrowski / @xistheweapon

    thanks all!

  • Marine Tempels

    Love your sense of mystery and mark making.

  • some good shots in this series haha

    • John Gribben

      Thank you!

    • John Gribben

      Thanks Jeff!

  • fantastic

  • a little hard to navigate your site but some nice stuff there

  • i like the whole Vale series

  • hi katty can you email me these four images larger jeff at booooooom dot com

  • great

  • great series – can you email me images from this series medium res – thanks kevin jeff at booooooom dot com

  • fav

  • really cool stuff jakub!

  • can you email me larger images of your work Allan – nice stuff

  • Geometry Club is a collaboration of precisely aligned architecture photographs from around the world.

    Follow @geometryclub on Instagram :)

  • Ms.Pin

    Great work!

    • Esme Betamax


  • amy

    Love this!

    • Esme Betamax

      Thank you!

  • Rob Pollio

    i like taking photos. my name is rob pollio and i live in wilmington delaware. i appreciate the love.

  • lou

    so good!!

    • Jonah Ainslie

      thanks Lou!

  • lou


  • colororangeart

    Mark Pechlivanos

  • A Ghost Inside
    oil on canvas

  • Scott Dessert

    My name is Scott I work using collage, illustration and animation, to produce prints, installations and books. I live in London and I’m originally from Rouen, France.

    Here is a link to my website:

    I hope you like it.


24.07.17 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Val Britton

A selection of recent work by artist Val Britton (previously featured here). See more images below, courtesy of the artist and Gallery Wendi Norris, San Francisco.

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“The Omega Project” by Rone

Rone continues his exploration of doomed and abandoned spaces with his latest immersive exhibition. “The Omega Project” sees the Melbourne-based artist setting up shop in a condemned suburban cottage in his hometown. Granted access and free rein before it’s torn down, Rone has filled the early 1900s weatherboard house with his signature ‘Jane Doe’ portraits. He also teamed up with interior stylist, Carly Spooner, to recreate the archetypal interiors, furthering the jarring mix of beauty and destruction particular to the experience of street art. As Rone explains:

“The concept of creating something beautiful within the context of decay and decline is central to the experience of any street artist. As is the idea that whatever you create might be gone the next day. For the artist, street art is all about embracing that transience and impermanence. And for the audience, it’s about seeing it (and taking photos of it) while you can”

Click here to check out the incredible 3D tour created by Phoria as well as more images and video below. While the exhibition starts July 22 and runs until the end of the month, the exact location will only be disclosed via email tomorrow morning to those who RSVP!

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The Booooooom Creative Job Board

Booooooom art design jobs

If you’re a creative looking for work, or a company looking to hire, we are excited to announce our very own creative job board: Booooooom Jobs. Graphic design jobs, curatorial positions in galleries, freelance animation gigs, a wide variety of opportunities to work in a creative field!

A couple of examples: Our friends at Society6 are looking for a Creative Director, and Skillshare has an opening for a Content Producer.

To start, we’re focusing on three cities (New York, Los Angeles, and Vancouver) and will also be posting remote jobs (for those of you who prefer to work from home). All job postings are free for the rest of the month if you use the PROMO CODE: ‘friends’.

Check it out: jobs.booooooom.com

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