14.03.16 by Staff

Artist Illma Gore Faces Indefinite Facebook Ban Over Drawing of Donald Trump with Extremely Small Penis


Illma Gore’s depiction of Donald Trump with a very small penis still appears on her Facebook page but the gender-fluid artist continues to face numerous threats of suspension from Facebook as well as intimidation from Trump’s legal team. Of the image, Gore has stated: “I do not believe your genitals define your gender, power, or status. Basically, you can be a massive prick despite what is in your pants.”

Gore’s situation raises debates over censorship and the arbitrary distinctions between high and low art as “Make America Great Again” (2016) was also removed from eBay over the sites policy on depictions of nudity in items not considered “fine art.”

In response to Trump’s legal team and their specific efforts to prevent her from selling or distributing prints of the image, Gore has posted a hi-res version as a free download and vowed to not only put the image back up on eBay but to donate $100 to Bernie Sanders every time it’s taken down.


Illma Gore’s Website

Illma Gore on Facebook

Via Hyperallergic

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  • Daan Visser

    It is true, Trump is an insane large prick, regardless of what’s in his pants. I would guess he would be so happy and honored of someone making such a well done portrait of him. What a sick world would we live in, when humor would be punished by law.. If he and/or his team where smart a humorous reaction would be such a good move. Not to be aspected of course.. If they can’t even handle a joke.. well..

    • Chris L Hough

      I agree.. he is an enormous, walking dick.

  • Chris L Hough

    This, by a mean-girls pack of Harvard Elves who find it perfectly acceptable for people to steal my pictures and use them in crimes ON FACEBOOK…. and when I report them for it, I get a response that says “There are no rules broken here.” That’s okay,.. but this…. not?

    • 4Justice


  • Jürgen Schulze

    Excellent work that works without words…

  • Jerry Schwartz

    I have tried to download this image from many different locations and can’t…Safari closes down each time I tried! So much for free speech…

    • 4Justice

      Finger on pic several seconds, drop down menu “Save Image”

      True to life, Illma.


    • renics nikoros

      Try using a web development tool for copying and downloading..

  • Wow this is almost a repeat of what happened here in South Africa a little while ago. Google Brett Murray’s “The Spear”: The painting caused president Zuma to flip out and mobs entered the gallery and defaced the painting… I think this is great work. And Trump should chill out. He brought it onto himself

  • anadaGuy

    Perhaps an artist reflecting their own inadequacy

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