12.06.15 by Staff

Trippy Animation of the Day




“Inner Space Artifacts” is an experimental animation by San Francisco-based, 3D artist Ben Ridgway. Ridgway has been experimenting with animation since 1992 and helped develop games for Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft. Watch “Inner Space Artifacts” below!

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10.06.15 by Jeff

Animation Made Using Only Apple Keynote


Designer Linda Dong left her job at Apple to travel the world and work on personal projects. She’s currently based in Tokyo and has made this really cool little animation using only the Apple Keynote app. I am now officially embarrassed of every presentation I’ve made. She’s provided some tips and her project file on her site here. Watch the animation below.

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09.06.15 by Staff

Animation: Coffee Break




A perfect little animated short by Seoul, Korea-based Superfiction. Watch Coffee Break below!

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08.06.15 by Staff

Fidlar’s Low Budget Homage to Iconic Music Videos


“40oz. On Repeat” by Fidlar pays homage to tons of iconic music videos. How many can you recognize? Watch the video below and show-off in the comments.

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08.06.15 by Staff

80s Throwback Video: “Orca”


Sean Pecknold’s video for Nicolas Godin’s “Orca” is like a mix of 80s era Sesame Street and our old Made of Imagination Project. The visuals are especially reminiscent of those classic learning animations. It also helps that Godin’s track was inspired by Bach’s Prelude & Fugue N°3 in C # Major. Watch the video below!

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08.06.15 by Staff

Video of the Day: “Spinning Daggers


Mesmerizing video by Benjamin Ducoz featuring small, wooden sculptures set in motion amongst a natural landscape. Watch below!

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08.06.15 by Staff

Photographer Profile: Jessica Lehrman


The latest instalment of the InFrame video portrait series features documentary photographer, Jessica Lehrman. Having covered largely underground communities and cultures for major media outlets like VICERolling Stone, and The New York Times, Lehrman discusses her approach to photography in a way that is highly personal and impressively business-minded. See the full video below.

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08.06.15 by Staff

Trippy Video of the Day: Bird Matrix


Wonderfully bizarre video by Nic Hamilton for Actress’s exclusive DJ-Kicks track. No day is complete without some hypnotic distortions of love birds! More images and video below.

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04.06.15 by Jeff

Music Video: Kodaline “Ready”

kodaline-ready01 kodaline-ready02 kodaline-ready03kodaline-ready04

An unexpectedly beautiful video for Kodaline’s “Ready” directed by the talented Abteen Bagheri. Really nice performance from Chris Mintz-Plasse. Watch the video below.

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