06.05.10 by Jeff

Silvino Mendonça

Photos by Silvino Mendonça. Brazil.

silvino mendonca photographer photography brazil
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05.05.10 by Jeff

One Hour Photo

One Hour Photo is probably the best concept ever for a photography show – “project a photograph for one hour, then ensure that it will never be seen again”.

one hour photo project projection show

05.05.10 by Jeff

Yuanling Wang

04.05.10 by Jeff

John Zimmerman

02.05.10 by Jeff

Bryan Lear

30.04.10 by Jeff

THIS Los Angeles / Transplants

Another great show opens up at THIS, 7PM tonight! Transplants, 10 photographers, living and working in Los Angeles but born and raised elsewhere. Love this photo by Amanda Friedman!

this los angeles transplants photography show
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29.04.10 by Jeff

Ryan Furbush

29.04.10 by Jeff

Alexander Kostinskyi

Photos by Alexander Kostinskyi. Kyiv, Ukraine.

Photographer Alexander Kostinskyi photography
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