04.11.09 by Jeff

Anastasia Khoroshilova

03.11.09 by Jeff

Patrick Romero

Photos by Patrick Romero. Hollywood.

patrick romero photographer photography
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02.11.09 by Jeff

Pierluigi Riccio

02.11.09 by Jeff

Christian Patterson

Photos by Christian Patterson. Brooklyn.

christian patterson photographer photography brooklyn
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30.10.09 by Jeff


I can’t keep it secret any longer, I am extremely excited to announce the first-ever Booooooom art show, Tangents!

booooooom lifetime collective tangents art show vancouver

I have joined forces with the folks at Lifetime Collective to bring together six amazing artists for a group show here in Vancouver. November 13th. 8PM. Lifetime Space (68 5th Ave West).

The artists are: Erika Somogyi, Garry Trinh, Kenichi Hoshine, Ben Tour, Luke Ramsey, and Jennilee Marigomen.

Three locals, and three out of towners, all supremely talented. It is going to be an amazing show.

RSVP the Facebook event.

30.10.09 by Jeff

Allison Grant

Photos by Allison Grant. Chicago.

allison grant photographer photography chicago
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30.10.09 by Jeff

Felicia Honkasalo

Photos by Felicia Honkasalo. London.

felicia honkasalo photographer photography london
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29.10.09 by Jeff

Gerald Edwards III

Photos by Gerald Edwards III. Edwards has mentored under Gregory Crewdson for several years, and you can really see it in his work.

gerald edwards III photographer photography
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28.10.09 by Jeff

David Wilson

Photos by David Wilson. These are amazing.

david wilson photographer photography
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