17.04.09 by Jeff

Brice Matson

Brice Matson photography.

brice matson photography photographer
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16.04.09 by Jeff

Sean Stewart

Photos by Sean Stewart.

sean stewart photographer photography
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15.04.09 by Jeff

Nienke Klunder

Really diggin’ these transitioning portraits by Nienke Klunder. This series, from a soldier to a clown, is actually a lot more gradual – I’ve only included half the images. It reminds me of that one scene-change in Adam Freeland’s We Want Your Soul where the guy is holding a tv remote and suddenly he’s a soldier holding an M-16. (Love that video)

nienke klunder artist photography self portrait transition series
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15.04.09 by Jeff

Katherine Squier

Photos by Katherine Squier. A talented little shutterbug, and a Booooooom Flickr Pool veteran. Texas.

katherine squier photographer photography texas
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14.04.09 by Jeff

Daniel Shea

Photos by Daniel Shea. Chicago. This first photo wow, there’s so much brick happenin’ here its crazy!

daniel shea photographer photography chicago
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13.04.09 by Jeff

TJ Proechel

Photos by TJ Proechel. Minnesota.

tj proechel photographer photography
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10.04.09 by Jeff

Tom Hines

Photos by Tom Hines. Oozing Hitchcock, so cinematic. LOVE it.

tom hines photography photographer fashion hitchcockian lorick
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10.04.09 by Jeff

Jesper Ulvelius

Photos by Jesper Ulvelius. Sweden.

jesper ulvelius photographer photography
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