15.01.09 by Jeff

Jacob Magraw

Gouache never looked so good. Paintings by Jacob Magraw.

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14.01.09 by Jeff

Kenneth Lavallee

Illustrations by Kenneth Lavallee.

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12.01.09 by Jeff

Ben Beaudoin

Mind-melting sculptures by Ben Beaudoin.

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08.01.09 by Jeff

Sarah Mcneil

Drawings by Toronto-based, Sarah Mcneil.

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08.01.09 by Jeff

Jesse Hazelip

A random selection of Jesse Hazelip’s work that caught my eye.

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07.01.09 by Jeff

Hope Gangloff

Awesome ink illustrations and acrylic paintings by Hope Gangloff.

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07.01.09 by Jeff

Elspeth Diederix

These photographs by Elspeth Diederix are high up on my list of favourite work. She calls herself a photographer but her photos feel more like documentations of very site-specific sculptures and performances.

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05.01.09 by Jeff

Ceslovas Cesnakevicius

Digital manipulations by Ceslovas Cesnakevicius.

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