20.08.13 by Jeff

Kamea Hadar

Artist painter Kamea Hadar

Kamea Hadar sent me over some recent work. Here he is going large with Poesia in San Fran. See more below!

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19.08.13 by Jeff

Alex Roulette

Paintings by artist Alex Roulette

Paintings by artist Alex Roulette. More below!

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19.08.13 by Jeff

Sylvia Ji

Artist painter Sylvia Ji

Love these paintings by Sylvia Ji, a total departure from her usual style.

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19.08.13 by Jeff

Alex Asher Daniel

Artist painter Alex Asher Daniel

Paintings by Alex Asher Daniel. See more below!

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16.08.13 by Jeff

Micah Ganske

Artist painter Micah Ganske

“Tomorrow Land”, giant ominous shadows hang over abandoned landscapes. Paintings by Micah Ganske (previously featured here). If you click the link to his portfolio at the bottom of this post, you can see how he brilliantly carried the idea into his site design.

More paintings below!

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16.08.13 by Jeff

Stanzie Tooth

Paintings by artist Stanzie Tooth

Paintings by Stanzie Tooth (previously here). More below!

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15.08.13 by Jeff

Morphogenetic Freehand Drawings By Artist John Franzen

Drawings by artist John Franzen

“Each Line One Breath” is a series of meditative drawings by artist John Franzen. He calls them morphogenetic freehand drawings.

He starts with a straight line all the way down a page, and then slowly draws another line beside it. He tries his best to copy the line exactly but inevitably there are tiny imperfections. These “mistakes” are amplified as he copies each new line, and the drawing begins to reveal itself like a curtain.

This is by far the best thing that has been shared on our Google+ Submissions page since I launched it!

Watch the video below!

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14.08.13 by Jeff

Pat Perry

Sketchbook drawings by artist Pat Perry

Incredible sketchbook drawings by artist Pat Perry. It’s actually kinda demoralizing to know that some sketchbooks look like this. More images below!

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