10.01.14 by Jeff

Maria Cecilie Midttun


Drawings by Maria Cecilie Midttun. Love her style. I spotted her on Anorak TV being interviewed by a kid (I’ve included the video below).

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09.01.14 by Jeff

Dissected Photographs by Michael Mapes


Artist Michael Mapes dissects photos and arranges them, pinning fragments like insects, and putting other pieces in vials. Incredible stuff, lots more below.

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09.01.14 by Jeff

Ira Svobodova


Paintings by artist Ira Svobodova. See more below!

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08.01.14 by Jeff

Matthew Cusick


Collaged maps by artist Matthew Cusick. More below.

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07.01.14 by Jeff



Assemblage works by Sebastian Sdkaröe Daschner. Found in the January Submissions post. See more below.

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06.01.14 by Jeff

Hypnopompic Tapestries by artist Kustaa Saksi

Hypnopompic Tapestries by artist Kustaa Saksi

“Hypnopompic”, a collection of surreal tapestries by artist Kustaa Saksi, based on the confusion of dream and reality that can occur as you wake up. The mohair and alpaca artworks were produced using the jacquard weaving technique.

Lots more images below.

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06.01.14 by Jeff

Adrian Cox


Paintings by artist Adrian Cox, St. Louis, Missouri. Found via the January Submissions post. See more below.

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06.01.14 by Jeff

Video Interview With Artist Andrea Wan On Her First Solo Show in Denmark



Here’s a lovely interview with my friend, Hong Kong-born, Berlin-based, artist Andrea Wan as she prepares for her first solo show, in Denmark. Vancouver really misses you Andrea, me especially.

I love the part where she talks about the improvised stories she used to tell into a tape recorder when she was younger. Things like that can unlock ideas that are buried deep in your subconscious.

My mom kept an old journal of mine from grade 3, and when I found it a few years ago, it was hilarious to see how many of the stories were about someone getting lost. It didn’t matter if it was a boy, a snail, a knight. No matter what happened in the beginning and middle of my stories, somewhere near the end, whoever it was, they got lost. I guess it was my biggest fear at the time.









Andrea Wan’s Website

via: I DO ART