21.03.13 by Jeff

Ohara Hale

L ABC de Monsieur Pizza by Ohara Hale
Love this little video for Ohara Hale’s new book “L’ABC de Monsieur Pizza”. Watch below!

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05.02.13 by Jeff

Remake Project Book!

We're making a book!

In case you missed it before, we are working with Chronicle Books to turn our Remake Project into our first-ever Booooooom book. We are extending the deadline for submission to February 22nd, after that the submission period will be closed.

If you want to submit your remake get full info: HERE.

24.12.12 by Jeff

Dallas Clayton Interview / Book Giveaway

Dallas Clayton Interview / Book Giveaway

A few years ago Dallas Clayton wrote “An Awesome Book” to teach his son the importance of dreams and dreaming big! After several publishers passed on the book, he published it himself and put it online for free. The Internet went crazy, orders came pouring in, and Dallas set out on an epic book tour. He travelled all over the world, donating copies for every copy that was sold. You may have seen the Google commercial about him! (See here.)

He wanted to change kids’ lives and ended up completely changing his own. The book became so popular Harper Collins asked to re-release it. His second book “An Awesome Book of Thanks” was the first kid’s picture book to be published by Amazon. He wrote a third book “An Awesome Book of Love”, and has just released his fourth, a collection of poetry called “Make Magic! Do Good!”.

Dallas’ energy is infectious, and his emails always get me pumped. It’s downright impossible not to be excited if you talk to him on the phone. Hopefully some of that comes through in this little interview with the man I consider to be this generation’s Shel Silverstein.

Read the full interview below!!!

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10.12.12 by Jeff

Julie Morstad / Book Giveaway

The Wayside by Julie Morstad Book Giveaway
My friends at Drawn & Quarterly sent me over a copy of Julie Morstad’s beautiful new book, and I get to give a copy away! Who wants it?

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07.12.12 by Jeff

It’s Nice That / Annual

It's Nice That / Annual
There are only a handful of blogs that I read daily that have actually gotten better through the years. It’s Nice That is one of them. This is their annual for 2012, and if it’s half as good as all the other books they’ve produced, you’ll wanna grab yourself a copy.

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29.11.12 by Jeff

Aude Debout

“The Fat-Fat Club” by Aude Debout.

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28.11.12 by Jeff

“Flower” by Andrew Zuckerman

Flower by photographer Andrew Zuckerman
Excited to find a copy of Andrew Zuckerman’s heavy new book “Flower” in my mailbox. Exquisite is really the only word to describe it.

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23.11.12 by Jeff

The Where, The Why, and The How

The Where, The Why, and The How: 75 Artists Illustrate Wondrous Mysteries of Science
Lovin’ this book! Art and science together, and not just boring old encyclopedia art! There’s illustrations by 75 artists, many of whom I’ve featured like Jon Klassen, Jacob Magraw, Matt Leines, Patrick KyleCamilla Engman, Gemma Correll, Jeremyville, you get the idea.

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