25.01.17 by Jeff

Booooooom TV Guide: Best Animations of the Week

If you’re an animator looking for inspiration make sure you peep the animation section of Booooooom TV. We’re working hard to make it a collection of the best animated work on the Internet. Here’s a few recommendations:

1. A barrage of short animations by Max Litvinov (a personal fav)

2. Jurriaan & Merijn Hos’ spectacular work for Down The Rabbit Hole Festival

3. Manabu Himeda has lost his mind – this animation is CRAZY!

BONUS: Missed posting this one when I was away in Japan – “Johnny Bubble” by Alan Resnick is an absurd masterpiece.

24.10.16 by Jeff

Artist Spotlight: Merijn Hos


“Gradient Exploration”, an ongoing series by artist Merijn Hos, based in the Netherlands. More images below.

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28.11.12 by Jeff

Merijn Hos

Wood sculptures by artist Merijn Hos
Wood sculptures by Merijn Hos.

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20.03.09 by Jeff

Merijn Hos illustrations

Illustrations by Merijn Hos. Netherlands.

merijn hos illustration illustrator
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