20.05.09 by Jeff

Joshua Bronaugh

Paintings by Joshua Bronaugh.

joshua bronaugh painting artist painter
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18.05.09 by Jeff

Damon Soule

Lovin’ this homage to Dali by Damon Soule! He’s currently showing new work at Fecal Face. I really need to clone myself and move one of myselves to San Francisco, assuming clones telepathically share thoughts/experiences? If they don’t I guess I could just fly there (or take a plane).

damon soule painting art fecal face gallery sf
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18.05.09 by Jeff

Joseph S. Yaeger

Paintings by Joseph S. Yaeger.

joseph yaeger painting drawing illustration
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15.05.09 by Jeff

Carrie Marill

Some nice gouache work by Carrie Marill.

carrie marill gouache painting drawing
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14.05.09 by Jeff

Matthew Palladino

Paintings by Matthew Palladino. San Francisco.

matthew palladino illustration illustrator drawing
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13.05.09 by Jeff

Yellena James

Paintings by Yellena James, like polaroids from another dimension.

yellena james paintings illustration
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12.05.09 by Jeff

Catherine Ryan

Paintings by Catherine Ryan.

catherine ryan painting painter
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08.05.09 by Jeff

Keith Shore

Paintings by Keith Shore.

keith shore painting illustration drawing
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05.05.09 by Jeff

Camilla Engman

Paintings by Camilla Engman.

camilla engman illustration painting
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