23.04.14 by Jeff

Ryan McGennisken


Paintings by Australian artist Ryan McGennisken, currently showing work at BSDA. More below!

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22.04.14 by Jeff

Peter Peri


Mixed media works by London-based artist Peter Peri.

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22.04.14 by Jeff

Dennis Congdon


Paintings by artist Dennis Congdon. More below.

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22.04.14 by Jeff

Edith Lebeau


Paintings by Edith Lebeau. Submitted via April Submissions.

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21.04.14 by Jeff

Gustavo Peña


Paintings by artist Gustavo Peña.

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17.04.14 by Jeff

Alex Gibbs


Paintings by Alex Gibbs. Found via April Submissions. More below.

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14.04.14 by Jeff

Anna Conway


Paintings by Anna Conway. More below.

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10.04.14 by Jeff

Rachel Wolfson


If I understand this correctly, this work by Rachel Wolfson is made by generating a bunch of texture maps in a 3D program. She splits them up, and uses them to make gouache paintings. The final work is made by assembling these painted versions back together.

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