07.04.15 by Jeff

Rebecca Chaperon


Paintings by Vancouver-based artist Rebecca Chaperon. More below.

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01.04.15 by Zach Tutor

Alex Gross


Paintings by American artist Alex Gross who is absolutely fantastic at portraying and commenting on the consumer driven world we live in today through his timely paintings.  See more below.

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31.03.15 by Jeff

Seren Morgan Jones


Paintings by London-based artist Seren Morgan Jones. More images below.

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27.03.15 by Jeff

Jordy van den Nieuwendijk


Paintings by artist Jordy van den Nieuwendijk. More images below.

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27.03.15 by Zach Tutor

Yannick Fournié


Paintings by French artist Yannick Fournié that feature characterss identities hidden beneath Luchador masks.  Continue below to see more paintings by Yannick.

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25.03.15 by Zach Tutor

Kagawa Hiroshige


Paintings by Japanese artist Kagawa Hiroshige that often reach epic sizes, most recently depicting the horrific aftermath of the 2011 Tohoku, Japan earthquake.  Continue below to see more of Kagawa’s paintings.

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23.03.15 by Jeff

Woodrow White


Love the surreal touches in these paintings by artist Woodrow White. More images below.

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20.03.15 by Zach Tutor

Peter Chan

Peter Chan

Paintings from a series of work by Toronto, Canada based artist Peter Chan entitled “Ecstasy.”  Continue below to see more.

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19.03.15 by Zach Tutor

Mike Dargas


Provocative, hyper-real paintings from German artist Mike Dargas.  Continue below to see more of the artist’s work.

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