18.03.14 by Jeff

Steve Caldwell


Paintings by artist Steve Caldwell. More below.

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17.03.14 by Jeff

Francine Spiegel


Recently came across these paintings by artist Francine Spiegel, from her show a few years ago at Loyal Gallery (Sweden). More below!

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12.03.14 by Jeff

Travis Collinson


Paintings by artist Travis Collinson. More below.

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04.03.14 by Jeff

Yrjö Edelmann


Paintings by Yrjö Edelmann. More below.

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04.03.14 by Jeff

Dario Maglionico


Paintings by Milan-based artist, Dario Maglionico. Found via March Submissions. See more below!

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03.03.14 by Jeff

Instagram Takeover: Andrew Hem


This week the @Booooooom Instagram account is being handed over to artist Andrew Hem. I’ve been following Andrew’s work for some time now, so it’s a real treat to have him take the reins.

The LA-based painter has a solo show opening at Merry Karnowsky Gallery on March 8th so maybe we’ll see some sneak peeks of work for that show. Follow along on our account and be sure to follow Andrew’s personal account.


Booooooom on Instagram

Andrew Hem on Instagram


03.03.14 by Jeff

Catalina Viejo Lopez de Roda


Paintings by Catalina Viejo Lopez de Roda.

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03.03.14 by Jeff

Matthew F. Fisher


Paintings by Matthew F. Fisher. More below.

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