10.12.13 by Jeff

Andrzej Nowicki


Drawings and paintings by Melbourne-based Andrzej Nowicki. He was born in Poland, and grew up in South Africa.

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04.12.13 by Jeff

Zoe Hawk


Paintings by Zoe Hawk. More below!

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04.12.13 by Jeff

Alison Yip


Drawings and paintings by Vancouver-based Alison Yip.

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03.12.13 by Jeff

Benjamin Cohen


Paintings by artist Benjamin Cohen. More below.

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02.12.13 by Jeff

Isak Applin


Paintings by Isak Applin. More below.

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02.12.13 by Jeff

Gianna Commito


Paintings by Gianna Commito. See more below.

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25.11.13 by Jeff

Drew Young


I went to Drew Young’s show the other night and he was showing a whole bunch of these cut paintings. More below!

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21.11.13 by Jeff

Rebecca Bird

Artist painter Rebecca Bird

Paintings by Rebecca Bird. Previously posted here. More below.

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