30.07.14 by Jeff

Soey Milk


Drawings by artist Soey Milk. More below.

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15.11.13 by Jeff

Instagram Takeover: Soey Milk

Instagram Takeover: Soey Milk artist

This week our @Booooooom Instagram is being taken over by another personal fav, artist Soey Milk. Her paintings are dark and sensual, and drenched in gorgeous colours. Her drawings seem effortless, she is an artist in full control of her craft.

Please give her a warm welcome as she gives you a peek into her world for the next 7 days, and be sure to follow her personal account too!




20.08.13 by Jeff

Soey Milk

Paintings by artist Soey Milk

Paintings by artist Soey Milk. More below!

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02.01.13 by Jeff

Soey Milk

artist painter soey milk
Paintings by Soey Milk, one of many talented artists showing in the 2nd annual Supersonic Electronic Invitational. The show opens Thursday at Spoke Art. More images below!

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