06.02.17 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Zihee

Lovely tattoos by Korean artist Zihee. See more images below.

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02.11.16 by Staff

Powerful Portraits of Ex-Gang Members With Their Tattoos Digitally Removed


In “Skin Deep” photographer Steven Burton digitally removes the tattoos of ex-gang members, creating dramatic before-and-after style portraits that offer many subjects a glimpse of themselves they haven’t seen for decades. Not only do the images elicit strong emotional responses and personal reflections, the transformative series raises broader questions about social stigma and how we perceive others.

Burton has launched a Kickstarter to turn the photographs into a book. Check out more incredible portraits below.

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27.08.15 by Jeff

Artist Profile: Mike Giant

mikegiant-01 mikegiant-02 mikegiant-03

Enjoyed this thorough profile on legendary graffiti, tattoo, and fine artist Mike Giant. I’m sure he cringed when he saw the titles in this video though, they’re so bad! Watch it below.

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02.07.15 by Jeff

A Crow Rides a Bald Eagle: Hilarious Tattoo Becomes Reality


I love Dan Climan’s tattoo work and this crow riding a bald eagle is one of my favourites (I actually saved this image to my computer). I couldn’t believe my eyes today when I saw this Colossal post, featuring photos by photographer Phoo Chan of a crow riding a bald eagle in real life! I love the Internet.

crow-eagle-climanTattoo by Dan Climan

crow-eagle01 Crow riding bald eagle, photos by Phoo Chan

crow-eagle02 Crow riding bald eagle, photos by Phoo Chan

crow-eagle03 Crow riding bald eagle, photos by Phoo Chan

crow-eagle04 Crow riding bald eagle, photos by Phoo Chan

crow-eagle05Crow riding bald eagle, photos by Phoo Chan

04.06.15 by Jeff

Vancouver-Based Artist and Tattooer Shannon Elliott


Tattoos by Vancouver-based artist Shannon Elliott. More images below.

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02.02.12 by Jeff

Jean-Luc Moerman

Tattoo drawings on classic paintings by artist Jean-Luc Moerman
Tattoo drawings on classic paintings, by Jean-Luc Moerman.

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07.11.11 by Jeff


Look out for “Skin”, a documentary by Ryan Hope about tattoo culture and fine art. It features contributions from Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons, and others.

Skin film by Ryan Hope trailer

Watch the trailer below!

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22.06.10 by Jeff


Drawings by Rötör.

artist rotor drawing
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