04.06.15 by Jeff

Vancouver-Based Artist and Tattooer Shannon Elliott


Tattoos by Vancouver-based artist Shannon Elliott. More images below.

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02.02.12 by Jeff

Jean-Luc Moerman

Tattoo drawings on classic paintings by artist Jean-Luc Moerman
Tattoo drawings on classic paintings, by Jean-Luc Moerman.

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07.11.11 by Jeff


Look out for “Skin”, a documentary by Ryan Hope about tattoo culture and fine art. It features contributions from Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons, and others.

Skin film by Ryan Hope trailer

Watch the trailer below!

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22.06.10 by Jeff


Drawings by Rötör.

artist rotor drawing
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13.05.10 by Jeff

Nick Vargas

Drawings by Nick Vargas.

artist nick vargas drawing tattoo
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09.02.10 by Jeff

Scott Campbell

Laser-cut dollar bills by Scott Campbell.

artist tattoo scott campbell laser cut dollar bills
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29.04.09 by Jeff

Jacob Rolfe

Illustrations by Jacob Rolfe aka Skywhale. He can tattoo you too!

jacob rolfe tattoo art illustrator illustration
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23.01.09 by Jeff

Regino Gonzales

Fantastic work by artist Regino Gonzales. Gonzales does so many things other than tattooing, to simply label him a tattoo artist would be inadequate.

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