28.12.12 by Jeff

Top 15 Posts on Booooooom in 2012

A lot of my favourite blogs are ending 2012 by rounding up their most popular posts from the entire year, so why not do it here too! Here are 15 of the most popular posts from Booooooom this year!

The Invisible Bike Helmet by Anna Haupt, Terese Alstin

1. “The Invisible Bike Helmet” by Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin


Artist Berndnaut Smilde makes real clouds inside gallery

2. Berndnaut Smilde makes real clouds appear inside gallery!


4,748 Self-Portraits and Counting by Jeff Harris

3. 4,748 Self-Portraits and Counting by Jeff Harris


Sandwich Artist by Brittany Powell

4. Sandwich Artist – Brittany Powell


Paper bird sculptures by Diana Beltran Herrera

5. Paper bird sculptures by Diana Beltran Herrera


Maddie The Coonhound new favourite tumblr

6. Maddie The Coonhound


Handmade miniature sculptures by Israeli artist Shay Aaron

7. Miniature handmade sculptures by Shay Aaron


Salt installations by artist Motoi Yamamoto

8. Intricate salt installations by artist Motoi Yamamoto


slamdance 2012 winner Solipsist experimental short film by Andrew Thomas Huang

9. “Solipsist” by Andrew Thomas Huang 


The Obliteration Room by artist Yayoi Kusama

10. “The Obliteration Room” by Yayoi Kusama


Trace Heavens light installations by artist James Nizam

11. “Trace Heavens” – photos by James Nizam


Beautiful Japanese Manhole Covers

12. Beautiful Japanese Manhole Covers!


The Eagleman Stag stop-motion animation by Mikey Please

13. “The Eagleman Stag” – stop motion by Mikey Please


Smoking Kids portraits by photographer Frieke Janssens

14. “Smoking Kids” – photos by Frieke Janssens


The Girl With 7 Horses photos by Ulrika Kestere

15. “The Girl with 7 Horses” by Ulrika Kestere

26.12.12 by Jeff

64 photos by 64 photographers

Another year has come and gone so it’s time for my year-end photo post (I guess it’s tradition now). Thank you, each and every one of you, for your continued support of Booooooom! I am thankful everyday that this is my job and I hope I can keep doing it for a long time. There are now more than 57,000 of you connected to Booooooom on Twitter, and another 114,000 on Facebook. That is insane. Hello also to the thousands of you that joined the Secret Email Club this year, I’ve really enjoyed putting together those extra little bits of weekly inspiration for your inboxes. Okay, maybe not always weekly but I think less is more when it comes to email.

This was a milestone year for Booooooom, developing a project for MTV, producing videos with artists like The Sheepdogs and Little Scream. Now we’re kicking off the new year working on The First-Ever Booooooom Book which will be published by Chronicle Books! I’ve never made a book before and that’s why I wanna do it. At this point I could keep running Booooooom the same way I have for the past five years with my eyes closed, but where’s the fun in that?

This next year I want to push way beyond what I’ve done so far, beyond what’s comfortable and easy. I want to fully pursue new challenges. Actual challenges – not things I know I can do. I want to explore new ways to engage this community. My interest in art is being eclipsed by my desire to connect with people, and connect those people to other people. I want to have a physical space for Booooooom where I can screen films for free. I want to create an event that combines Art with Bingo. I want to film a series of videos where I build paper airplanes with people while I interview them, and each one ends with us throwing our planes into the air from somewhere really high. I want to build an app, a drawing tool. If you are an artist who can code I want to collaborate with you. There are a million things I want to do and 2013 is the year I tell everyone my lofty goals so I have no choice but to do them before someone else does.

I hope you’ll stick around, it’s gonna be good.

Here are 64 photos by 64 photographers that I came across in 2012. These photos weren’t all produced this year, I just encountered them at some point in the last 12 months. Enjoy.




64 photos by 64 photographers

(found in 2012)


Photographer Mariko Sakaguchi

Mariko Sakaguchi


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24.01.12 by Jeff

Ulrika Kestere

The Girl With 7 Horses photos by Ulrika Kestere
“The Girl With 7 Horses”, photos by Ulrika Kestere.

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