Air-Powered “Walking Cube” by Jason Cook & 1024 Architecture



Designer Jason Cook’s project, “The Walking Cube” is the result of a collaboration with members of the company 1024 Architecture.

From Cook’s website:

“Futurist by nature, The Walking Cube expresses those primal agitations suppressed by conformist regulations pervading one’s daily life in a mechanical existence. While the object fulfills any such expectations of strict conformity by maintaining a solid, symmetrical, and perfectly contained form, it also fractures these expectations, showing itself likewise capable of many other regular and irregular shapes. With the use of air-pressured mechanics a maximum force and speed was sought in the execution of shape-shifting so as to express a sort of stubborn revolt, and to (re)act with a similar noise and aggression inherent of the machine in which we all live today.”

Watch as air-powered mechanics bring this simple, cubic structure to life!




concept: François Wunschel · Jason Cook
design & fabrication: Jason Cook
animation & programming: François Wunschel
production management: Pier Schneider
photo · video: Emmanuel Gabily · Nico Merlin
Production 1024 Architecture


Thanks to:

Gregoire Lauvin · initial draft design
Laurent Bolognini · mechanics council
Simon Laroche (Projet Eva) · pneumatic council
Festo France


*This article has been updated to give appropriate credit to all the creators


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