Ellen Rutt

“Nothing Is Separate” by Artist Ellen Rutt

Intuitive compositions made with colourful repurposed wood shapes and costumes by Detroit-based artist Ellen Rutt. Photographed by Emad Rashidi, the travelling installation series is part of sustainability-minded arts collective Temple Children’s experimental artist residency in Hilo, Hawaii.

Simultaneously highlighting many of the island’s isolated terrains and vibrantly intervening in them, Rutt’s work captures an inherent tension at the heart of our interactions with nature, no matter how careful we may be. As she describes:

“I’m acknowledging my own contradictions and our collective moral flexibility — how we are simultaneously celebrating the sacredness of the natural world, while also engaging in practices that knowingly or unknowingly contribute to its destruction.”

See more images from “Nothing Is Separate: A Collaboration With Nature” below.

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