Booooooom Supporter Shoutouts + Membership Updates

Last week we officially launched our new Membership program and celebrated the beginning of a new era for Booooooom (you can read my letter explaining the Membership here). The response from all of you has been amazing! Thank you for all the emails, tweets, and Facebook messages — it’s safe to say I’m as excited as you are about this new direction. It’s hard to fully describe the feeling of seeing a couple hundred of you sign up this past week. I feel extremely lucky and proud and motivated.

I’m excited that there’s already a bunch of Booooooom Members (people who’ve signed up to publish their own work on our site and get feedback on it) and even more excited that there’s a growing group of Booooooom Supporters (people who simply value our site as a resource and wanna help keep it going). So I wanna take this opportunity to shoutout all our Supporters! You guys are a special breed and I truly believe you’re the glue that holds this community together. Your contributions mean we can put all our energy into promoting young, emerging artists. I realise there’s already a bunch of you who’ve joined in the time since I wrote this — you’ll be shouted out in the next update.


Thank you to everyone who signed up as a Supporter last week:

Adrian W. Ho / Alison / Altaira NortheAnna Ristuccia / Brit Zweegers / Michael Giles / Clara Aranovich / Daniel Rhie / Diane / Drake John / Goonhouse / Hanna / Hartslattery / Jayemkayem / Jeff Flemings / John KJonas Maon / Kelvin PoonKevin Kalaba / Kyle Nordman / Lee Walker /  Less Talk More Illustration / Lizzy Karp / Maekan / Matt Rubin / Michael Schwartz / Nana / OURO CollectivePierre / Sooha / SP / The Saturday Morning Cartoon / Trenna / Vanessa Tam / Vicki Duong / Saintseneca

Hello to all our new members! I’ve been thoroughly enjoying getting to know all of you in our Booooooom Slack community — so many great discussions happening and I love seeing all the helpful feedback on people’s work. If you’ve signed up, make sure you join our Slack.

Stay tuned for partnership and project announcements! I’m gonna end this first membership update with a few of our recent Editors’ Picks (aka our fav member submissions):

For more information about becoming a Booooooom Member or Supporter, head over here.

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