Camera Stories: André Woodard and his Fotron III

Camera Stories is an on-going series where we ask photographers to tell us about their favourite camera, and give us the story behind meaningful images they captured with it. You can submit your own story here. This instalment features André Woodard, a photographer from Nashville, Tennessee.

This is totally different from the typical “Camera Stories” submission, so I hope it’s not too out of place. I got this camera, the Fotron III, for having the best entry in a high school photography scholarship contest at the end of my senior year. I was so thrilled to find out that the bonus prize was a camera! But then… I found out what it was.

André Woodard's Fotron III camera
André Woodard’s Fotron III camera

Apparently it’s a crappy camera that was sold door-to-door in the 60’s for way too much money. I was disappointed at first, but I came to love the unique little thing. It’s become a symbol and trophy for my persistence in beginning my photographic career. I used the camera in an image I created when I started college entitled “The Blind Photographer”, which represents the idea that photographers rely on their honed skills and practices more than just expensive gear.

"The Blind Photographer" by André Woodard
“The Blind Photographer” by André Woodard

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