“The Sound of the Sun” by Photographer Meghan Marin

New York-based photographer and artist Meghan Marin (previously featured here) grapples with the complexity of familial relationships in her recent series, “The Sound of The Sun.” Following the course of a road trip taken in May of 2019 with her mother and younger sister, Marin’s photographs encapsulate their experience, while also exploring her mother’s struggles with mental illness and the toll it has taken on their lives. This trip represented the last time Marin saw her mother—she had a relapse shortly after their return home and has been in and out of touch with the family ever since. “The Sound of The Sun” weaves together found family images, her mother’s writing, and photographs from their road trip. 

“I’m searching for her, us, constantly in every memory. As I pieced together the images I took of the two of them on our trip, I remember the good days, the banality of the long drive, the long conversations,” explains Marin. “The roadtrip is a gaze into our everyday life as mother and daughters. These images are an attempt to fill the gaps she left in our life, and to reconcile the version of our mother that I remember with the stranger she became.”

See more from “The Sound of The Sun” below.

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