Call to Submit: New Booooooom Photo Book

Calling all photographers! We’re excited to announce an open call to submit images to our next photo book! Like Magic Hour, this one will be 100+ pages and we’ll be aiming to feature work by around 60 photographers. The theme for this one is CIRCLES.

Even though circles appear everywhere, there is something about the shape that I find fascinating. Have you ever wondered why manhole covers are round? Probably not, unless you’re friends with me and I’ve already annoyed you with this nerdy topic. The reason is that a circle can’t fall through a smaller circle shape (it’s a curve of constant width meaning its width is the same in all directions). If a manhole cover was a square or a triangle or almost any other shape, it could easily fall through the opening. Corners are also weak points. In math terms, a circle actually only refers to the boundary of the shape, a disc is the term for the whole shape including the inside. So I guess the theme for this book might also be discs. Okay, I’m getting off track!

We want to see the most interesting images of circles you’ve got. Strange, beautiful, unforgettable, show us something unique. You might have a bunch in your archive or maybe you’ll be inspired to shoot something new. You could take a photo of the sun, or the moon, or a pebble, an apple, an eye, an egg, maybe a mirror, or a spiderweb. You get the idea.

This is an old photo I shot of a freakishly huge dandelion (yes, it’s real):

What things have you seen that relate to the theme of circles?

We’re going to be reaching out to a few of our favourite photographers to contribute images that fit the theme. If you’re a member of our community and would like to be considered for inclusion in this publication, you can submit your own photos using the link below! Anyone whose images are selected for the book will receive a free copy of it when we release it!


  • You may submit up to 5 JPG images per submission (and you may submit as many times as you like)
  • Maximum size to upload: 2500 x 2500 px (images do not need to be square, these are simply the max height and width so we aren’t opening thousands of massive files)
  • If you are selected, we will contact you for high resolution images
  • Format for naming your files: FIRSTNAME_LASTNAME_01.jpg
  • Use the button below to submit

*Log in to enable the submit button. This form is just for members, you can learn about becoming a member here.


Deadline for submissions: January 28, 2022

This will be our third photo book that we will self-publish. We are constantly blown away by the quality of work submitted and it gets us excited to brings these books to life and get them in the hands of our community, contributors, curators, agencies, photo editors and galleries. If you want to see the type of work we have published in the past, take a look at our last two photo books: Magic Hour and Small Victories.

*Log in to enable the submit button. This form is just for members, you can learn about becoming a member here.


Deadline for submissions: January 28, 2022

If you are unable to afford a membership, we are offering one-time submissions for photographers who are experiencing financial hardship. Head over here. (Available until Jan 17, 2022)

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