Photographer Spotlight: Denis Cherim

A selection of images from photographer Denis Cherim’s ongoing Coincidence Project (previously featured here and here). The collection began as a 365 day diary almost 10 years ago and remains a focal point of Cherim’s life and work. The series involves juxtaposing ordinary objects and landscapes to establish an unexpected connection between them. As he explains:

“The play of foreground and background, light and shadow, colors and forms turns the otherwise boring mise-en-scène into a main character. Space becomes an event. The superficial and deep, redundant and required lose their initial meaning and show us a different view, different story, different world. Those hidden connections are dynamic; they are elusive and ever changing. Like moments from an endless dialogue, like a love story between things. These bonds show a different face of the world of inanimate. There a cloud and a tree might become couple; the concrete might be having a soul.”

For Cherim, the moment of observation is a moment of creation. And, at a time when we are so bombarded with information and images that much of our surroundings go completely unnoticed, Cherim’s “coincidences” help to highlight the mystery and artistic magic still to be found in the world around us.

“It is like discovering a new universe, free of any visual routine or habit, which reminds us not only to see but to seek, not only to divide but to coincide: with our here and now, with ourselves and the world. Like the glue of gravity that brings everything together, the universal integrity manifests itself thru the coincidences of the small things and let us feel its magic, to steal a glance at its majesty.”

Check out more of Cherim’s work below!





















Denis Cherim’s Website

Denis Cherim on Instagram

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