“Homegrown” by Photographer Stephen Burridge

Now based in London, photographer Stephen Burridge is originally from a small town on the outskirts of the city. Growing up without the culture and diversity of the capital, Burridge harnessed his limited understanding of the world to explore the streets of the neighboring city with his camera. The resulting series, “Homegrown,” is a vibrant, candid portrait of London’s urban and suburban culture. Burridge elaborates:

“On these streets I used my camera and curiosity to acquire cultural diversity and a broader understanding of the Uk and its class politics. My photography has been about culture on our streets, about the constructs of our identity in and around London. Through the years’ I’ve come to realise my focus on the working classes, on areas impinged by gentrification, are places I can expunge my learned experiences’, to bring focus on my need to connect.  On the whole, the work is an exercise in exploration, appreciation, inclusion and an intrinsic admiration of the groups, individuals, creeds and races that live in these communities and now; in my images!”

See more from “Homegrown” below!

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