Artist Spotlight: Liang FU

A selection of paintings by Chinese artist Liang FU. Based in France, FU’s work explores themes related to spirituality, geography, mineralogy, light and sensuality. He creates with a sense of openness and desire to spark the viewer’s imagination, even if the feelings and experiences elicited are contradictory. In this way, FU invites free reading of his work where different perceptions are equally possible and valid — like a memory that resonates despite obvious errors. The content of the pictures stem from “a drop of water,” as FU explains:

“Water is what causes the pigment to pervade the thickness of the canvas. When I paint, using pigments on an unprimed canvas, the diffusion of colors forms shapes and figures. There is a blurring of my subjects’ figurative dimension; a mixing of the interior, the exterior, the visible, the invisible, the presence and the absence of things. The viewer’s understanding of the picture oscillates, it remains elusive and changing.”

See more below. All images courtesy of Liang Fu and Nicodim.


























Liang FU’s Website

Liang FU on Instagram

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