Artist Spotlight: Jack Kenna

Currently on view at Equinox Gallery in Vancouver, artist Jack Kenna’s solo exhibition, “How Slowly Time Passes, How Quickly Things Change,” offers a reflection on the slipperiness and contradictory nature of time. Represented through objects that demarcate its passage—calendars, candles, flowers, clocks, a hot cup of coffee cooling down, outdated and obsolete electronics—the works reveal themes and symbols that speak to a particular mode of post-pandemic experience, largely dictated by digital interactions with the world:

“On their own, power strips, cords, and cables are seemingly common objects used to maintain function in work and life. Here, exaggerated and oversized, tapped with a maximum of electrical plugs with tangled cables extending in all directions, they activate the canvas and suggest a state of being over-worked, over-stimulated, and out of time.”

“How Slowly Time Passes, How Quickly Things Change” is on view through March 22 at Equinox Gallery on Commercial Street in Vancouver. See a selection of the featured works below!

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