Artist Spotlight: Gigi Rose Gray

A selection of work from artist and illustrator Gigi Rose Gray. Originally from New York and now working in Los Angeles, Gray received her BFA from Parsons New School for Design. Her work explores a long-time fascination with crowds. Influenced by her upbringing in midtown Manhattan, Gray hones in on the fleeting moments between passersby, capturing not only their temporary closeness but the illusion of connection inherent in such strangely intimate interactions:

“There is a voyeuristic nature in navigating crowded streets of a city if one takes a moment to look upon the faces they brush past everyday. Strangers in such close proximity, sharing this common ritual yet foregoing any connection to one another. This series seeks to do just that through the personal and almost uncomfortably up close portrayal of characters expressions and gestures, each revealing an emotive yet isolating world of their own.”

See more of Gray’s work below!



























Gigi Rose Gray’s Website

Gigi Rose Gray on Instagram

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