“Wildflowers” by Artist Rune Christensen

A new series of paintings by Danish artist Rune Christensen (previously featured here). “Wildflowers” takes the form of a fairytale inspired by the stories Christensen invented for his two daughters. Spanning from the ancient past to the distant future, the images follow two fearsome warriors travelling on horseback through the forest at night, gathering flowers and fighting predators they meet along the way. While filled with bravery and drama, the “knight princesses” are depicted with loose, watery brush-strokes in a way that suggests a slightly melancholic or fragile sense of time and beauty.

Christensen has always approached painting as a way of making sense of his own experiences, often incorporating a vast array of references into his distinct style and colour choices. This latest series touches on a recent trip to Alberta, Canada, a province colloquially known as “wild rose country.” While the horses allude to the local cowboy culture, the series also touches on ideas around cultivation and wilderness. That is, not just the taming of the land but of ourselves through the social norms we choose to reinforce. The recurring motif of the vase similarly refers to the passage of time, human evolution, our desire to own nature and attempts to contain it. See more images from “Wildflowers” below or on display at Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery starting June 1st.

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