“Dormant Season” by Photographer Erinn Springer

Photographer Erinn Springer explores her midwestern roots in her series, “Dormant Season.” Originally from Wisconsin, Springer went to school in New York City and is currently based between both places. Initially started as a way to interact with her family and greater Wisconsin community, the series has blossomed into a reflective exploration of self, home, and the cyclical rhythms of the land we inhabit:

“Dormant Season is an exploration of the contrasting realities of an evolving agrarian world. Created with my family and strangers, the work portrays connection and isolation through fleeting moments of the modern midwest, where the story of self and society intertwines with the life cycles of the land. Textures of domestic life and illustrations of familial dynamics provide intimate glance into a realm that is both surreal and certain. Like regionalistic paintings, these mysterious and familiar tableaus reflect upon exterior and emotional landscapes to underscore a personal narrative within a larger American experience. Suspended between past and present, Dormant Season is a portrait of the intergenerational bonds of rural America: a mental space and physical place at the heart of an old dream and at the edge of a transformation.”

“Dormant Season” was published and released as a beautiful book by Charcoal Press. See more images below.































“Dormant Season” Book  is available via Charcoal Press

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