Artist Spotlight: Maeve van Klaveren

A selection of recent work by artist Maeve van Klaveren (previously featured here). Using different materials such as watercolour, soft pastel, pencil and charcoal on paper, van Klaveren creates a believable world open to interpretation. Her work does not tell a one-to-one story of sadness, happiness, love, life or death, even if a work often arises from person feelings, relationships, desires and connection.

“What you see is taken from daily life. Something intrigues me and this I process into my drawings. The subject often arises from an image or thought. Underlying thoughts that concern me, such as what concerns and fascinates us ‘humans’. I usually don’t work from a theme but from a thought. This often results in several drawings in which a theme emerges and further develops. At the end the idea behind a work should not impose.”

Check out more from Maeve van Klaveren below!

























Maeve van Klaveren’s Website

Maeve van Klaveren on Instagram

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