“American Games” by Artist John Brosio

New paintings by artist John Brosio (previously featured here). Raised in Southern California, Brosio received a BFA from the University of California at Davis. Brosio gained recognition for his paintings of tornados. His work often reflects the chaotic duality of life, death, cosmology and the mysteries of the universe. Fuelled by an overactive imagination and insatiable curiosity, Brosio’s paintings often contain a surreal element or glimpse into his own multidimensional perception of reality. With this latest body of work Brosio explores themes like: UFO’s and their American Mythology, internet dating, video games, and the inevitability of facing mortality alone.

See more images from “American Games” below or on display at Arcadia’s Soho Gallery in New York until March 10th.





















John Brosio’s Website

John Brosio on Instagram

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