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Our newest book, Care, is now available in our shop! The 128-page book features images by 60 women-identifying artists and photographers who responded to the theme of care. This collection is meant to be a reminder of the ways care shows up in your life and the different forms it can take. Care was designed by Megan Kwan (@supersensitivestudios), edited by Kimi Hamada and Anna Schneider, and features photography on the cover by Laura Sgherri.

We hope the work in this book speaks to you! There are limited quantities available now so be quick if you want one!

Photo by Amber Hakim, poem by Kyla Jamieson
Art by Kaela Han
Photos by Bettina Pittaluga
Art by Laney Lai

Featuring contributions by:

Alina Bobrova
Amber Hakim
Ana Gómez de León
Ana Margarita Flores
Anna Cruz
Anna Schneider
Aqueene Wilson
Bettina Pittaluga
Can Long
Cara Elise Taylor
Carmen Chan
Celia Talbot Tobin
Cheryle St. Onge
Clancy Riehm
Dani Dimon
Emily Hlavac Green
Evelyn Freja
Frances Sheehy
Frauke Joana
Haley Manchon
Hannah Somers
Isabelle Baldwin
Jamie L. Luoto
Jessica Jacobson
Jia Hao
Jillian Mundy
Jocelyn Tsaih
Johanna Stickland
Kaela Han
Kate Sweeney
Katrine Noer
Kyla Jamieson
Laney Lai
Laura Sgherri
Madeleine LaVoie
May Patcharida Phakdee
Megan Tepper
Meghan Marin
Melanie Reese
Michelle Ku
Mikhela Greiner
Mina Nowzari
Morganne Boulden
Natalie Ivis
Nina Pacherová
Princess Amugo
Rei Xiao
Rocio Cufré
Ruhamaiah Bradley
S. Erin Batiste
Sabrina Giacomaggio
Shannon Cavarocchi
Skye Tao
Vanessa Tan
Victoria Moyosola
Zoe Elefterin

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