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Every once in awhile we share a bigger than usual list of random links, you can check out this week’s links below!


  1. This is a genius little hack for anyone who likes to shoot on old camcorders to avoid the tape altogether and record straight to an SD.
  2. Strata is a skate film unlike any you’ve probably seen, as a group of riders skate the smooth (rock) landscape on the island of Gozo.
  3. Answers from a few artists and photographers featured in our Array zine: Share some advice that you’ve found to be true.
  4. Childish Gambino teams up with his long time collaborator, our buddy, Hiro Murai on a video for “Little Foot Big Foot”.
  5. “Eternity! Eternity!” is a visual exploration into violence, belief, and uncertainty by photographer Vincent Glielmi.
  6. Stumbled upon this clip from many months ago of Simon Servida speed running Soulja Boy’s “Crank Dat”, he makes the whole beat in less than 20 seconds. Here’s a more in depth breakdown of what it took to pull this off.
  7. The secret workshop behind Henri Roché pastels, where two women are keeping a centuries-old tradition alive. Watch How This 300-Year-Old Pastel Stick Maker Creates Nearly 2,000 Colors.
  8. An incredibly in-depth (and interactive) look at Lights and Shadows.
  9. OpenAI announces GPT-4o (omni) – these videos are WILD! Obvious comparisons to the Spike Jonze film “Her” here but the clip where the two bots talk to each other and sing felt very Black Mirror (White Christmas). The voices kinda sounded a bit distressed like they were being held hostage.
  10. This Under the Arm Challenge video made me laugh way too hard.

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