“Travellers” by Photographer Tori Ferenc

A series documenting the horse fairs in England and Ireland by Polish photographer Tori Ferenc. Tori’s work often focuses on themes of identity, community, and family dynamics. Her series, “Travellers,” takes on the ethnocultural minority in Ireland and England. Discriminated against due to their nomadic lifestyle, Travellers on the Isles have a long history of living on the fringes of society and often struggle against negative stereotypes. Due to their exclusion from mainstream society, they have developed a strong sense of resilience and pride with many working to preserve their traditions and way of life:

“One such element of Travellers’ tradition are annual horse fairs. These events have a long and storied history in both Britain and Ireland, some dating back to the 18th century. Horses have always played a central role in the lives of Travellers, and even as lorries and trailers have come into use, the bond between Travellers and horses remains strong… [the fairs] draw a diverse array of businesses, from fortune teller trailers to antique dealers, clothes stalls, and fast food trucks. Families and friends come together for a weekend of revelry, travelling from all corners of the country. Proud parents dress their children for the occasion — boys and girls wear immaculate tweed suits and satin dresses, carefully navigating around muddy fields on the outskirts of towns where the horse fairs take place. The fairs are a celebration of nomadic culture, a joyful gathering that marks one of the most important events of the year for many Travellers.”

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