"Little Drifters"

This project is open to people of all ages, students, lawyers, professional craft boat designers, “totally unartistic people”, bass-guitarists, wizards, cat-people, anyone who likes to have fun!

Introducing “Little Drifters”, a creative project straight out of my childhood! I used to love going camping and building little boats out of twigs and leaves. It’s really simple:

1. Gather some pieces of wood, twigs, leaves, berries, dandelions, pine cones, feathers, pretty much anything that can be considered “natural.” (No plastic, metal, etc.)

2. Build a little boat using only these natural materials!

3. Find some water (lake, pond, stream, ditch, puddle) give it a little push and snap a photo of it. We want photos of your creation floating in water!

4. Share your photos with us, be sure to include your name and location!

For those of you who live in Vancouver we will be having a “Little Drifters” picnic at Trout Lake Park next Saturday, at 1 pm. We’ll gather near the large dock at the north end of the lake off East 14th Ave near Victoria Drive. Come out and make some drifters with us!

Creative submissions will be featured in the Arts & Life section of The Vancouver Sun newspaper and of course they’ll also be in our online gallery here!


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