02.12.08 by Jeff

Akihiro Furuta

And the award for Best Series of Family Portraits EVER goes to Akihiro Furuta! Fantastic stuff! I need to get myself a dog like that.

booooooom blog akihiro furuta photography photographer portrait

booooooom blog akihiro furuta photography photographer portrait

booooooom blog akihiro furuta photography photographer portrait

booooooom blog akihiro furuta photography photographer portrait

booooooom blog akihiro furuta photography photographer portrait

booooooom blog akihiro furuta photography photographer portrait

booooooom blog akihiro furuta photography photographer portrait

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  • Alle5

    YYYYYEEEEAAAAAHHHH! I love that! :)

  • Too cute!

  • i want to do that! such fun photos!

  • ahhh! i just found his photographs on flickr the other day and became immediately in love/obsessed with his collection. THERE’S A NUDE FAMILY PORTRAIT!!! that will be amazing when, say, 80 years old.

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  • dale

    Great Flickr stream! What a fun looking family! You can really see her getting better shots as you view her more recent work.

  • Nice use of toy accordions. Of course, anything with toy accordions is pretty effin cool.

    • I take my Pur d filter. I review a exact inequality in taste between hebdomadal d and water thats been through my faucet mounted filter. Don’t identify with respect to kidney stones notwithstanding that!

  • agreed!

  • sebasbarrera

    Love his 4 characters universe.

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  • Hey there! Thanks for the note. I too love this blog and you post great stuff here so keep it up! Keep it up!

  • shiba inu! best dogs! what a cute group!

  • J’adooooooore Shiba !!! I love your work , sooooo Kwaiiiiiiii !

  • OrangeG

    you need to check out this shiba inu puppy cam…HURRY…they will be going to their new homes this weekend. Check out the archives too.


  • Love it! :D

  • What an inspirational and fun way to take family portraits!!

    This warms my heart and gives me so many ideas for my family, thank you for sharing this with us!

    Oh, and I second Orangeg about the shiba inu puppy cam, I’ve been watching those six adorable puppies for about 7 weeks now and I’ve fallen in love with Shibas!

    All the best to you and your loved ones!

  • I definitely want a Shiba as well, beautiful dogs. I’m glad you guys like the photos as much as I do!

  • so awesome!! i love these.

  • Emilie

    That is awesome!

  • it’s really lovely!

  • oh dear! You have inspired me!!! I don’t have a family of my own..but now I think I might have to make some cardboard people and pets!!! :[) I WANT TO DO THIS!!! :)) so cute!

  • i’d love to see those photos with the cardboard people if you ever get around to it! haha

  • creative n bit funny

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  • Hudson

    many cute

  • evelyne

    It’s so wonderful, love, love love…
    Can I put a picture on my blog for speaking about you? Thanks, Evelyne

  • Keith Shepard

    *poof* They’re gone.

    And now when I try to find them on Flickr, I receive this message:

    “This member is no longer active on Flickr.”

    Too much attention maybe? Hmm…

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  • Fantastic images.

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  • mee

    I very lov your everything I see

    all your photo make me have some happiness ^^

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