17.12.08 by Jeff

5 Best Music Videos of 2008!

These are my picks for the 5 best music videos of 2008. If you think you already know all five, I’ll tell you that Bjork’s Wanderlust and Radiohead’s House of Cards did not make the cut! We can argue about my decisions in the comments if you’d like. I’ve tried to track down a streaming version and a high quality downloadable version of each video. Here they are:

5. Kraak & Smaak – Squeeze me (Andre Maat & Superelectric)

5 best music videos of 2008

The trick to this video could have become tiresome pretty quick but there are so many well though out sequences that it stays fresh until the end. I love the part where the colourbars become books.

4. Naive New Beaters – Live Good (MEGAFORCE)

5 best music videos of 2008

This is here simply because the amount of fun being had in this video is unparalleled and I have fun everytime I watch it. The techniques are a bonus. Enjoy.

3. Lykke Li – Im good, Im gone (Ted Malmros & Christian Haag)

5 best music videos of 2008

There is no trick to this video, it’s a simple live performance and it’s perfect. The video for the studio version was already fantastic but this is a masterpiece.

2. Justice – Stress (Romain Gavras)

5 best music videos of 2008

I almost feel like this video is here against my will. I assumed there was a message somewhere in this video but I’ve read statements by Gavras like, “Justice, So-Me and I have the same taste for cool things such as girls, sex, alcohol, fans, violence”. (source) He was referring to his documentary about Justice but it kinda soured me on him a bit. Regardless, the editing in this video is incredible. It is a perfect marriage between picture and sound. Violent and quite haunting.

Jus†ice, Stress from ROMAIN-GAVRAS on Vimeo.

1.  Peter Fox – Alles Neu (Daniel Harder)

5 best music videos of 2008

This video is incredible. I can’t really put my finger on why it’s my favourite video of 2008 I just know I’ve watched it 99 times and it is still awesome. It seems like something Terry Gilliam might direct. This song also ranks extremely high on my other list: Songs I love but have no idea what they’re singing about. If you haven’t seen this video you have no idea what you’re in for.

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Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Miguel Santiago

    “There is no trick to this video, it’s a simple live performance and it’s perfect. The video for the studio version was already fantastic but this is a masterpiece.”

    i love lykke li

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CVNycEoGtnQ

    this is my favorite! cvech it out! (tilly & the wall – beat control)

  • Yah, Lykke Li has been a huge one for me this year. Her music is sublime but when you add the videos(all are amazing) it’s all so perfect. The way she moves is so original… I could watch her all day and night. The Bon Iver one is my fave…

  • Justice – Stress! best vid, les banlieu de france a des vrais vagabonds! ce video la est trop speed!

  • Andrew

    I gotta go with OK go “Here it goes again.” So simple, low budget. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pv5zWaTEVkI

  • I like that Tilly song!

    A* – yea, many people will undoubtedly declare Stress the video of the year. i’d like to check out France at some point

  • Andrew that video is two years old haha

  • The justice Stress video is a Piece of sh**t – Its not showing the reality of the French Suburbs ! Romain really sucks fro making that – anyways that was just a marketing strategy…

  • One of my more recent faves is Architecture in Helsinki’s new one The Beep…


  • Shinead

    I knew you were going to have stress on there but I was surprised when I saw Lykke Li, her videos are amazing!! Excellent choices Jeff!

  • Andrew

    My bad! I guess I should read things more closely. Hows about “Pork and Beans” Weezer. They tapped into the obsession that people have with popular media. Tell me you didn’t recognize everyone of those youtube celebs!

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  • great great post. thank you for putting this together. i had to repost/link here! http://www.m2newyork.com/post/65445843/boooooooms-best-music-vid-of-2008-click-date.

    keep up the great work – holler at me!

    m|2 new york

  • thanks to the cure for the repost and to you Shinead!

    yea Andrew that video was great too, loved that they even had peanut butter jelly time in there.

  • Chase

    Whoever called the ‘Stress’ video a piece of shit is just trying to be an iconoclast. It is one of the best music videos in the history of ever let alone this year. Send me a post card from the Parisian suburbs and tell us all about it.

  • teebee

    my friend found the translation for the peter fox video.
    scroll down to the second post:

  • more&more

    this is absolutely g8t!
    like them all~~lol~^^
    thx 4 sharin~~

  • jill

    great great videos, i totally agree!

    just on a side note, i never understand when people think the justice video is supposed to show the ‘reality’. it’s a brilliant video, and of course it’s meant to be provocative.

  • i say: the go team! – milk crisis

  • One Love from Vancouver Canada! Nice Website!

  • Cheers you guys!

    Teebee, thanks for the link to the translation!

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  • Kimi

    i’m obsessed with alles neu-thanks!

  • nice list Jeff. i only agreed with Lykke Li and Justice though. take a look at my list.


  • well you also agreed with Kraak & Smaak – Squeeze me – but who’s counting? 🙂

  • Sebastian

    The Peter Fox Song is about a new beginning. In former times, he was the leader of a 11-mem-groud called “Seeed” and now he started his singlecareer…speeking of “Everything is new” which is the title of the song.

    Howdy Ho!

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  • dale

    Loved the Naive New Beaters video and the peter fox. Stress was really well done but leaves a bad taste through out. Call me a wimp, but kids in saskatchewan don’t do that shit. Thanks for the post and happy new year!

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  • c_los

    Love the list.

    Saw that Justice vid when it came out and it kinda just punches u right in the face, but in a good way.

  • seb – thanks for the explanation helps to know the context

    dale – how much snow you guys got out in sask now?

    C_Los – yea, i am interested to know the camera used to film it, i read that Romain Gavras uses a little digital camera with a 16mm lens that you can only buy in China or something.

    cheers to all you guys, happy new year!

  • dale

    jeff – I’m in calgary now, but was out in sask on the weekend and snow was pretty average (so a lot depending where you come from), it was just nutso cold…. brrr.

  • Chas

    What?! No “Womanizer”? You’re crazy Jeff.

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  • Trevor

20.10.16 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Joseph Minek


Cleveland, Ohio-based artist Joseph Minek experiments with traditional photographic processes to create images that resemble modernist abstract paintings. See more of Minek’s work below.

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20.10.16 by Staff

Exhibition: Evan Hecox’s “Northern” and Drew Leshko’s “Heaven is Whenever”


Amsterdam-based Andenken Gallery is hosting concurrent solo exhibitions of American artists Evan Hecox and Drew Leshko. “Northern” showcases Hecox’s ongoing series of paintings based on photos from his trip through Iceland and the Netherlands last year while Leshko’s “Heaven is Whenever” captures the transition and decay of urban life through dollhouse-scale sculptures made from wood and paper.

Check out more images below or on display at the Makerversity Amsterdam space from October 28 until November 14.

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Photographer Spotlight: Lluís Tudela


Photos by Lluís Tudela. More images below.

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Opinion: How to Email an Illustrator

We recently came across an article proposing the most efficient way to communicate with an illustrator, and it’s relevant for anyone looking to hire creatives of any discipline. Illustrator Kyle T. Webster wrote the article to act as “a guideline that will lead to improved communication, fewer revisions, better artwork, and fewer headaches for all involved”.
If you’re a freelance creative and have any thoughts to add, or you’re an art director with a counterpoint, we’d love to hear from you in the comments section below.

1. Your first email to an illustrator should not read: “Hey, are you available for an assignment?”
This kind of email is a waste of everybody’s time, because all of the important information is missing: size and number of illustrations, context, timeline, and budget. In order to reduce the back-and-forth between the individual assigning the art, and the illustrator, simply take a moment to include the important information in the initial email request.
For example: “Hello, John – we are publishing a story about the ongoing conflict between hedgehogs and walruses. We will need a cover, a full page, and two spot illustrations. The deadline for sketches is March 1st, and the finals will be due March 8th. Our budget is $3750. Are you available / interested in working with us on this assignment? Please let me know by 5pm today. Thank you.”
With one email, you have now given the artist all of the info needed for him/her to decide whether or not to accept the job. This used to be the standard introductory email for all assignments. I’m not sure what happened, but I, and many illustrators I know, rarely get emails like this any more. Let’s fix that.
2. Please do not expect illustrators to read minds.
Details are very important. When sending emails about your job, give as many relevant details as possible to an artist, if the assigned artwork has specific requirements. Illustrators are very capable of drawing anything you need, but we cannot guess what that might be if we are not told up front. For example, if you tell an illustrator to draw “a car on a street,” then the illustrator will assume the make and model of the car are not important. S/he will also assume the street can be any kind of street. Therefore, it is not fair to the artist to reject the final art because you expected a vintage Porsche on the Autobahn. Please be sure to communicate all required elements of the art in your earliest correspondence with your artist, and it will be smooth sailing for all.
Sometimes, very little direction is preferred, if the assignment calls for a lot of artistic freedom and interpretation. But, let us not confuse this with a lack of relevant information. For instance, the recent recipient of the Richard Gangel Art Director Award, SooJin Buzelli, is famous for giving her artists a lot of freedom. But let us note that when she assigns work, she actually has spent a good deal of time figuring out a way to distill a complex article down to its essential message or theme. She then sends this one or two sentence summary to a carefully selected illustrator, providing that individual with a perfect launchpad from which to create a unique visual solution. Concise and efficient.
3. Please write back. Please.
This is just common courtesy. I often get asked if I am available for an illustration and I then respond in the affirmative with some questions about the assignment or the budget or some other detail. Then, no reply ever comes. A week later, I will see another artist blog about completing the very same assignment that was initially emailed to me. While I understand that everybody is very busy, and emails are flying around at the speed of light, I urge you to please remember that it is unprofessional and quite rude to simply leave an artist hanging.
We often will put other things on hold or rework our weekly schedule to accommodate a project that we think is moving forward. A simple email to let us know that you will be working with somebody else, the job is cancelled, the issue is on hold, etc. is all we need to move on and stay on top of our other jobs. Thank you.

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20.10.16 by Jeff

Photographer Spotlight: Alexi Hobbs


Images by Montreal-based photographer Alexi Hobbs. More images below.

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