06.03.09 by Jeff

17 creative websites to bookmark (unless you are dumb)!

At the risk of having you never come back to this site, I have compiled a list of 17 other sites to feed your creative appetite. Dozens more could have been added to this list (perhaps there will be a sequel to it). Most of the sites included here do not get the credit they deserve, and even the popular ones deserve even more attention. In no particular order:

17 websites creative site bookmark links inspiration visual

1. Triangle Triangle – A fantastic photoblog (my favourite on the entire internet). Jake’s tastes are really similar to mine.

17 websites creative site bookmark links inspiration visual

2. My Love For You Is a Stampede of Horses – Meighan’s site is like Booooooom’s cousin who comes over to jump on the trampoline. We share a love of hand-crafted, folky work, and it has that same feeling you get when you listen to a pause mixtape dubbed on cassette.

17 websites creative site bookmark links inspiration visual

3. I Heart Photograph – Sometimes when you are training to fight and kill your arch nemesis, it helps to tape a photo of their face to the ceiling. Then you can get some reps in on the bench press and still focus on your victory. Similarly, all you photographers might want to duct tape a laptop over your bed so you can wake up every morning and just focus on this website.

17 websites creative site bookmark links inspiration visual

4. Meathaus – Pages and pages of comic and cartooning inspiration that I don’t see on every other blog out there!

17 websites creative site bookmark links inspiration visual

5. The Strange Attractor – Newly re-designed! You will quickly see why I visit TSA often. I like to think the name is a reference to when you like that girl with the mustache but you don’t want to admit that’s why, so you just tell your friends ‘shes got that TSA’ and they totally get it.

17 websites creative site bookmark links inspiration visual

6. Human Resources – A great selection of mostly design-related content. I don’t see this one mentioned very much.

17 websites creative site bookmark links inspiration visual

7. Beautiful/Decay – One of the few (very few) art mags out there with a blog worth visiting daily. Fresh re-design has it looking like the old Mac OS.

17 websites creative site bookmark links inspiration visual

8. Grain Edit – Focused on graphics from the 1950s-1970s, it is a wonderful resource if you have a soft spot for vintage design work.

17 websites creative site bookmark links inspiration visual

9. 20 x 200 – When 20×200 first started prints were available in runs of 200 for the bargain basement price of $20. I am directly linking to their blog – it’s a great cross-section of artists and all the work you see is available for purchase.

17 websites creative site bookmark links inspiration visual

10. Ventilate – Always has a great selection of the latest motion graphics work, music videos, and short films.

17 websites creative site bookmark links inspiration visual

11. Swiss Legacy – Curated by Xavier Encinas, the site focuses on graphic design and typography. Everything posted here is worth a peek.

17 websites creative site bookmark links inspiration visual

12. The Selby – Todd Selby’s photos and videos of interesting people are so engaging. Love the hand-written interviews as well! If you check out the archives you will get stuck there.

17 websites creative site bookmark links inspiration visual

13. Grafikcache – Another fantastic design resource, I like the minimal presentation (hooray for Courier!) because it really puts all the focus on the work.

17 websites creative site bookmark links inspiration visual

14. TED – Ok I had to throw in one big site – Do not watch any of the amazing TEDTalks if you have a bunch of things to do.

17 websites creative site bookmark links inspiration visual

15. Yes Yes Y’all – A music blog that has introduced me to more than a couple new artists and quite unique in that it’s run by some guys with a real love of design.

17 websites creative site bookmark links inspiration visual

16. Nevver – Brilliantly curated by Peter Nidzgorski, the concept is simple: A random film still and a random song (mp3). It’s perfect.

17 websites creative site bookmark links inspiration visual

17. Yewknee – Michael’s site is a little dose of everything and is the antithesis to a lot of the other sites on this list. He doesn’t just post pictures or links, he often adds a little blurb and voices his opinion (totally agree with his realisation that Donnie Darko was a fluke).

– – –

So there’s the list! Feel free to leave a comment and cut me down (for forgetting your site) or butter me up (for next time)!

– – –

booooooom 17 websites creative site bookmark links inspiration visual

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • http://www.superduper.shapesofsweetness.com Corey Thompson

    Great list! These sites are super.

  • http://yayainthemoon.blogspot.com yaya

    some of this website i know some i don’t. But mostly it’s a great and interesting list :)

  • twentyfour

    I salute you.

  • http://yayainthemoon.blogspot.com yaya

    Sorry for the bad spelling, i’m french…

  • http://ithinkyoureswell.com antwan

    well, now i definitely have something to do tomorrow
    and work toward.


  • http://www.jeffhamada.com/ jeffhamada

    no worries yaya! enjoy, you guys!

  • http://medesmedia.com Saeed A

    Had to throw TED in there..

  • http://www.welcometohr.com kurtis shhh

    Cheers for the HR mention boss!

  • zed melody

    great sites :) thanks for sharing them!

  • http://whyisbox.com Julian James

    Nice list… ^_^

  • http://www.margaritmuca.com margarit

    Great list. I added most of them to my bookmarks.

  • http://www.erosie.net E.Rosie

    THANKS! nice one

  • monika

    wonderful! my bookmarks bar is now xtra fat .

  • http://www.welcometohr.com Ross Colquhoun

    Hey Jeff, thanks for your e-mail and the mention on your site… Very good choice of feeds. 😉

  • http://www.cementum.co.uk Richard

    awesome post, thanks for the list

  • http://www.liamjmoore.com Liam

    Great list there.

    Some new ones for me and some good fav’s there too!

  • http://www.abhominal.com Jason

    You missed Booooooom!!!!!!!!!!!

    That 2nd track on nevver is super dooper.

  • http://www.corygibbons.com/blog/ Cory Gibbons

    great list, i put them all where i won’t lose them.
    a lot of new ones and a couple that i already frequent.


  • http://girlmeetsnyc.blogspot.com Susanna-Cole

    All these sites look amazing, I can’t wait to check them out later (when I have time, because if I start now, I know I’ll never get to the work I need to get done. ;))


  • http://www.grafikcache.com Grafikcache

    Thanks for the nod.

    Must remember to add BOOOOOOOM to my directory. Thanks again.

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  • http://redhooded.net Brittany

    little bit o this and a little bit o that. nice list!

    • uche

      like to know u brittany

  • http://www.twentyfour.si twentyfour

    That NEVVER site is pure genius.

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  • http://www.yewknee.com Michael

    Many thanks for the nod.. yewknee.com isn’t deserving of such great company.

  • http://www.swisslegacy.com Swiss Legacy

    Thanks for the post Jeff! Very cool!
    You probably don’t know but I live in Vancouver now… and I was also at your launch party at Livestock :-) small world… see you around

  • Kyle

    Spot on! Love that NEVVER site!

  • B.

    Superbe ! Merci beaucoup !

  • http://www.sorryzorrito.com Manuel

    Nice! Box7m is the perfect #18… great list

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  • http://antidaily.com fred

    great picks. big fan of yewknee and selby. heck, all of them.

  • http://www.beautifuldecay.com sasha

    Awwww….thanks Jeff. Here’s some butter.

  • http://beautifuldecay.com amir

    thanks for the shout out… Everyone at B/D visits Booooooom on the daily as well!

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  • http://flickr.com/photos/28663337@N02/ rhianna

    I have 17 new loves.

  • dale

    Aaaaand a new tab gets added to my igoogle rss feed. Thanks for spreading the love on these sites!

  • ep

    lol, is that a nipple in the triangle triangle logo?

  • http://rachelbeyer.com/ Rachel

    What an amazing list! I read so many different blogs every day. These 17 are definitely added to my daily dose of inspiration. Thanks!

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/eduardocano/ eduardo.cano

    thanks lot for this Jeff!

  • http://bodegablock.com Earl

    i am constantly searching for quality design websites, you just saved me so much time
    thanks yo!

  • http://grainedit.com/ dave

    Thanks Jeff for adding grainedit to the list!

  • http://www.pixelkink.com Sebas van den Brink

    Excellent websites. Great stuff being posted there!

  • http://www.hellorobot.se/blog/ Tobbe

    Nice list, Nevver sure was refreshing. Haven’t taken my eyes (or ears) from it for quite a while now :)

  • Kyreena Hay

    Thank you SO much for these! I’m in the process of designing and creating a portfolio site for my design, and it’s great to have such amazingly designed sites to be inspired by! I ADORE the “The Selby” site design <3

  • @osmarjardim

    twitter showed the way to here.
    17 web sites criativos que você precisa conhecer http://tinyurl.com/arhu3b

  • shmack

    erm… who the f*** are you to judge who’s dumb or not based on your subjective choice of websites you think are “creative”?

  • http://www.jeffhamada.com/ jeffhamada

    ^ hahahahahaaa

  • http://dust.unrecnow.com marc

    Great list of sites.
    thanks for sharing them.

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  • http://www.onlineblackjackmoney.com OnlineBlackJackMoney

    this list is sooo cool!

  • http://theletter.co.uk Blair Millen

    That’s a great selection with more than half I wasn’t aware of previously. I’m particularly keen on Meathaus and NEVVER. Thanks.

  • http://www.renkli.info Renkli

    You should add omcdesign.com to this list.

  • http://thestrangeattractor.net/ Pete

    Thanks for including us Jeff :)

  • http://www.mediumstudio.com/ john


  • M.R.

    you forgot woostercollective.com for us street art rats.

  • http://www.ivoteforart.com Ben Rowe

    Of course, If I had written this list, I would have added booooooom as well!

    Great list – I’m off to check out the sites I haven’t come across before

  • Appemnerorn

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    +7 960 200 9209

  • http://www.taargustaargus.blogspot.com Nart

    Awwwww man I have to mention Fecalface.com. That is my absolute favorite site for inspiration.

  • http://rob.com rob

    woot! TED talks are great

  • grace

    aaaaaaaaaaahhhh…. lovely list…..

  • http://www.ventilate.ca Michael

    Thnx for the love Jeff!

  • http://somethinghere.com Am

    I visited them all. 😀

  • http://www.addicteed.com Aris

    This list is great ! Bookmarked.

  • http://www.sheilabocchine.com Sheila Bocchine, Pinhole Photographer

    Fantastic list! I have seen some of these but not all!

  • http://www.bingonew.org/ BingoNew

    all sites are great!!!

  • julie

    TED.com <3

  • http://www.dollarmis.blogspot.com ane kirstine

    arrrh, thank you ! i’m all stressed out now – – all this beauty in front of me, olé ! ¤ ¤ ¤

  • http://www.cesarlinkc.blogspot.com/ Cesar Fernandes

    Nice post and great list… thanks for share

  • http://www.changethethought.com/ Christopher Cox

    Damn, I hope I can one day make that list. I am trying hard.

    • http://www.jeffhamada.com/ jeffhamada

      cheers Chris i like your site, i’ve linked you before – ill keep my eye on it

  • http://www.shapesofsweetness.com Corey Thompson

    Haha… I am with Chirs I wanna make that list one day.

  • http://any marof

    Vary goog prwgrams thainkyuo

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  • http://www.enormoustinyart.com deb

    this is such a great list. thanks!

  • http://www.designformankind.com design for mankind


  • http://ithinkyoureswell.wordpress.com antwan

    how is FFFFound.com not in there?

    • http://www.jeffhamada.com/ jeffhamada

      it’s not a blog and everyone already knows about it. i realise the list wasn’t 17 “blogs” but secretly it was supposed to be, and then i broke my own rule.

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  • http://atomburke.com atomburke

    i never would have found (most of) these

    thanks Boooooooooooooooooom!

    • Kyle

      Jeff has a way of finding things – he’s like that kick ass neighbor that everyone wonders whats going on next door… and why they weren’t invited to the party. 😉

  • http://www.pikaland.com Pikaland

    So glad to see meighan on the list, and thanks for introducing me to new lovelies! :)


  • Meg Worden

    Thanks so much for compiling this list. Great selection. Love you Booooom!

  • Andrew

    just bookmarked this post :)

  • http://ifitshipitshere.blogspot.com laura sweet

    Nice round up, only I wouldn’t call them ‘creative’ websites.

    With the possible exception of TED and the music referenced sites, these are more like fine art sites (photography, illustration, typography and graphic design are components of the fine arts).

    If it’s ‘creative’ sites and blogs you want to list, there are many that cover far more in the design and conceptually creative range.

    But as wonderful fine art references, these are a nice collection.

    if It’s Hip, It’s Here

  • http://www.tardeotemprano.net tarde o temprano

    wooooow! thanks! gracias BOOOOOOOOOOM!!!! very cool!

  • http://www.printish.com Meg

    Wow! What a great collection of sites. Some I already subscribe to, and some new! Thanks so much!

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  • http://teamdustrial.blogspot.com p.

    great list :)

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  • http://www.seekproject.com Karo Akpokiere

    Thank you for the list Jeff.

  • http://www.nikdaum.com/dordles Nik Daum

    Great list, BOOOOOOOOOM. I didn’t know about half of these blogs, though I’m an ignoramus.

  • http://www.malkhatib.com moeen


  • aly gabriela

    wow, those are really awesome websites, i added all of them to my favourites..

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  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/little_lido/ Little Lido


    We are nothing without Boooooooommm..basically…

  • http://www.zoomadvertising.in nikhil

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  • http://mostcreativehub.blogspot.com/ jaak

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  • http://www.fututech.net Ruth Harrington

    Thanks for useful article! Best idea

  • http://helloknow.com Mary Smith

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  • Alex Zoner

    I used to go to a photo list website that has all similar picks to Triangle Triangle, I think it was called ListSalad.com

  • judith

    AMAZING! why do I have to find out about this during finals….?

  • Pedro Irusta

    I made a site recently that I think it could be a good candidate for bookmarking: http://youthinknow.com/
    You be the judge of that!

    Great post, thanks!

  • http://mindlogicsinc.com MindLogics

    Ok, Very Good We’ve bookmark it :)

  • http://www.letsnurture.co.uk/ ilesh Raval

    agree with your title they all are cool and creative every designer must bookmark them for reference… thanks for sharing

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