31.08.10 by Jeff

Hack Job / Update

I knew there would be a banana submission to our Hack Job project! This one’s from Brian Tellock, Appleton, Wisconsin! Go banana!

Hack Job / Update

Remember, Converse Skateboarding is giving us with 5 pairs of shoes to award to our favourite submissions, they need to be submitted before September 10th!

Full instructions here.

  • Cylinder McDoughall

    This is not a real banana, I have looked everywhere for this. They do not sell it in the stores, so people, please you must actually make and assemble this banana as shown above. I know lame right? I would expect the banana to be grown like this if advertised. Thank you that is all.

  • so

    favorite fruit, favorite hack job

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  • http://matecomangu.wordpress.com/ Fabíola Trinca

    brazil X banana = LOVE